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someonr in not saying, Virginia

81 months ago

i used to be a asst. manager with Home Depot, so I have some inside insight into their workings. lets start with the union thing. i have no problems with unions one way or another but I promise you if a store every votes in a union the day after that happens they will close it down so fast it will make your head spin. as for managers not runnig their stores your right. they get this poor people in, pay them money most have never seen before and they have them right where they want them. Most at this point just want to keep getting that check they just go along with the program.If you buck them any at all you end up on the wrong side of dist. manager like me. My numbers were better that over half the other asst. managers in my area but the dist manager hated me even thou I had not the first right up in my file. i was lucky and got out because I learned before it happed he was going to give me a bad review and get rid of me in six months afterward. i learned this after the manager of the store sent a email that he sent to me by mistake say he agreed I should be put on a pip but for a year he told me I was doing a very good job and like I said there is not one right up in my file.
as for home depot is on its way out i thing all of you are right. for anyone still working in a store in most stores anyway just watch what happens when a dept head quits or goes away. never do they replace them with quilty person and that is because of their hiring over the last four years. they simple have no one to promote and you can see it catching up with them, also I noticed that a Burger King down the road from the Home Depot i worked at is hiring for $2 more a hour than The Home Depot is hiring for a opening for a plumping dept person. that is sad. its very sad to see a once great a nd proud company reduced to this. one last thing for those of you that are bleed orange. one day take your oeange colored glasses off and walk into a store that you know no one and take a long look arou

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someonr in not saying, Virginia

81 months ago

to finsh sorry for the spelling mistakes doing this on a blackberry and I'm not very good with its keys yet, but to finsh my last thing look at the people with badges over 7 years. Look into their faces and eyes, If you are honest with yourselfs you will see most are just going thru the motions.

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masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

81 months ago

voltom05 in Alabama said: Wow you said a mouthful. I am still working at Home Depot and hate every day of it. I dread getting up on days I have to work. Times are hard so I have no other choice. This company sucks BIG time. They don't care about their employees only themselves. I just love the speeches Frank gives on the infocus. Yeah he is making the big money and we are actually working making a few dollars every week. You are right about the dept head positions. Every time one leaves it takes them forever to replace them and then when it comes time to do it they interview everyone but they know which one they want, it is not a fair chance at all.
I would like to chat with you but not on here. Let me know if you have a email where we can chat about this horrible company. I too know of alot with this company so maybe we can chat about it.

the thing about home depot is you have to start off with a decent salary, if you start at 8 bucks an hour, it would take a miracle to get you up to a decent wage. their raises average around 25 cents per hour, at that rate it would take a lifetime to get a decent salary. even if you get promoted to DH, your raise is like 50 cents/ hour. so not worth it for what a DH has to do...I got lucky, I started at $26 per hour as a master specialist, and got promoted to DH with a .25 cent raise, I'm the highest paid DH in the district so I have a lot higher tolerance for crap then most DHs. I can't imagine doing this job for any less pay...

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Sick of it At THD in New York, New York

78 months ago

Guys, I have to agree with the ASM above.

Folks who have been with this joint for MULTIPLE years have told me what to watch for as the economy gets soft, and these folks have been right on several points. Pay, hiring, hours, schedules... if you're looking for an employer that will actually invest in YOUR personal growth as well as things that only benefit them, look elsewhere. THD is bean-counter and corporate parachute driven.

What they WILL invest in is your ability to make them money, period. Everything else they say is justification or rationlization or just a simple cover up for the way they really treat you. (Like 'I Am Empowered'. Oh, really? NO MARKDOWNS any body who costs us a markdown for any reason will be written up. Rationalize that for Mrs Jones who is pointing at that button you have to wear...)

I have had worse jobs. (Like, sitting at a desk in an empty room for 12 hours with no lunch, breaks, or restroom available).

I have also had MUCH better.
I guess if you have a degree and land in the mid-mangement space, THD is about like the rest. But at the store level, well, lets just say if you can read or write in any coherent fashion you won't be happy for long employed at THD.

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Ops Manager Nick is a beef head in Baltimore, Maryland

8 months ago

I worked for home depot not nearly as long as all of you, only 5 months. In that time I hated every aspect of this job. When you apply for a certain position you get sent to a completely different position instead. And then managers breathe down your neck and customers complain because youre not familiar with your department. Today is my last day and I can't wait to be out of this dump. On a closing note, the amount of customers that come in from 6am to 8am is so trivial you'd end up saving money as a company by opening at 8 and not 6.

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binzer in Garden Grove, California

8 months ago

how would u get a union at home depot? let's start a union

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Get out while you can in Poland, Maine

3 months ago

As a long term former employee, I can tell you that the culture of the company has changed over the past few years. The job and company that I once loved has evolved into nothing more than a bunch of minions for Atlanta. The managers have no power over their own stores, they have to play by the rules, or risk getting fired. The pay and raises are a joke. They say that they take care of their people, but that is also a joke. The amount of favoritism that goes on is crazy. God forbid you complain, you will get retaliated against, in the form of terrible shifts, denial of vacation time, and many times, harassment. If you are planning a career, choose another company. This one will steal your soul

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