Really Rough Start (WARNING: long winded... I vented sorry)

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Scott M in Winnipeg, Manitoba

114 months ago

I went for my first interview, tried to go for my second one and the guy was sick... two weeks later I get a call saying to come in, then I get another one saying that that step was cancelled and I'm bumped up to meeting with HR.

I go to HR and I'm given my orientation date (the next day) and I attend the two days. I then wait a week for some response and finally get a call saying to come in for computer training. Awesome right? I don't have a punch number yet, so someone's surely going to help right?

I get there and the manager leads me to the room and signs me on (without showing me how to do anything), he leaves and I'm supposed to go from 5-9. I work till 9 and just sign out and leave. Next day, same thing except nobodies around to sign me in so I'm guessing what my login ID is... nobodies told me that either. After my second day of computer training the Manager on Duty on that day asks if I punched out and I explain I don't have a punch number, he tries to find it and then e-mails the head of the department I'm supposed to work at to get me one... I come back for my next day without a punch number and do my time at the computer, still no punch number. I finish training and leave... Tonight I get a call asking to come in tomorrow from 8-5 for 4 hours of training and work the rest... i still have no clue how I'm going to punch in, I have very little experience in a formal work environment (first job to pay for school) and the head of my department is clueless on how much I've done, etc. There's no organization and I haven't been properly introduced into the store... everytime I walk into the back room everyone stares at me like I'm a lost customer.

I can't wait for what I'll have to go through to get a locker.

I was supposed to be paid this friday for training, I was supposed to hand in some contracts to HR but the guy's never around when I go in, and I still have no clue where to get an apron.

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jmk in Glendale, Arizona

113 months ago

Your punch in code on the time clock is your social security number...funny no one would know that, we ALL know that. I'm sorry no one has paid attention to you, I know that feeling and that's why I'm the company's unofficial greeter, when I see someone looking lost, or a new face at the training computers I always go in and talk to them, introduce myself and generally see if they have any questions. Who am I...a lowly Head Cashier...but if I can get to everyone in the store, and help them out, maybe they'll remember and help me...good luck in your new job...Home Depot can be a frustrating place to work!!!!

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