Recent Corporate Schedule Changes 10-09 (part 2)

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Texas Minx in Austin, Texas

57 months ago

*****Continued from part 1
All associates with any type of "availability restrictions/concerns" would have to fill out new form with nothing listed and just sign it with across the week availability. All past "deals" would not be honored and all previous availability forms were going to be disgarded. What the heck? We had just a few of our full-timers with the same scheules each week. This usually meant they had the same two days off together like Sunday and Monday, and they worked the days M-F. So what!
Mostly it was the part-timers (like me) that were really effected. We had students enrolled in classes, some retired people who had a spouse to take care of, two single Mom one-paycheck people (like me), and other associates that were hired on with existing part-time jobs to work around. We were all more! We were told to tell our other employers to work around Home Depot's schedules. We were going to get a new schedule each week, and we needed to have full availability M-Sunday. Are they on crazy?
There are reasons we are part-timers. Like me, I would of loved the full-time money and benefits, but I decided a part-time fixed schedule with time for my son out-wayed the other. Part-timers have other things to work around....we have to have a set schedules!!!!! We even had two parent Home Depot couples who had opposite schedules in order to take turns watching their kids. With the new corporate schedule changes, they now have to find and pay for baby-sitters. When asked our options....we were told to "turn in our aprons".
Currently I'm looking for one full-time job away from Home Depot and retail. I called the aware line (just google Home Depot Aware Line) it's great and annonoymous. Stand up for yourselves if this happens in your stores! Tell people to call the AwareLine and complain. Corporate needs to change this A.S.A.P. We need unions!

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