Sexual Harassment

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b5_s4 in Evansville, Indiana

69 months ago

Alright, this is a long story. I had this on a local forum for reference if needed, but no actions were taken. I will copy and paste the original thread:

Say your significant other works at a store in town. You happen to work at the same store, just on the other side of town. Well, your significant other has been there for roughly 3-4 weeks now as a cashier. Within the first week, a supervisor asks them for their personal cell phone number and they give it to them not thinking too much about it.

Within the next couple of weeks, this person continuously texts the new employee and it eventually turns vulgar. Starting with then wanting some "bikini cell phone pictures", to full out asking for nude pictures. Then, to texting them at 4:30 or 5:00 am saying "You should be up, I'm really horny". Mind you the entire time, your significant other has told them no and I am in a relationship, every time they ask. You wake up in the morning to her alarm every day on their phone and see a missed text from this person saying all of this.

The supervisor shows up at your store for a piece of merchandise that they are out of stock on. You have to fill out the paperwork and computer work, but you keep your cool and don't say anything to them. You walk away before you get too angry. Then, you send a text to a friend who knows the supervisor and let that person know know that you know what is going on and it is going to stop. (because you are unable to get the supervisors number) They insure the person they deleted your partners number of their phone. Three days later, you wake up to find another text from him.

You follow your requests from your partner to not start any drama because they just started there and do not want to lose their job. However, 2 weeks later, management finds out about the whole ordeal. 1 store manager confronts the partner while out on the sales floor at their cash register asking what happened.

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b5_s4 in Evansville, Indiana

69 months ago

They tell the manager about the naked picture requests and what not. The manager then goes on to say, "(insert name here) is my friend." Followed by, "We will take note of this and make sure that the supervisor does not 'retaliate against you.'".

[I'm not that smart when it comes to this stuff, but isn't that information confidential and should have been spoken about behind closed doors??? and to "take note of this", it is sexual harassment by a supervisor. Shouldn't a little bit more drastic step maybe have taken place???]

Later in the day, in the break room, you're significant other is talking to their friend about sex. Someone outside the break room over-hears it. They turn them into the other store manager there. This store manager calls your significant other into an office where they discuss what happened. They try and tell that they are good friends and they are not offended by it and stick up for the person. This time, the manager requires your partner to write down on a piece of paper in their own words what happened. They write down that it was "jokingly" said. They then call in the other person and exact same procedure is followed. and that person is told that HR will be involved in this. By the end of the day, your partner was offered a promotion. (They have been there less than 4 weeks.) The very next day, your partner goes to work to find out that the person from the break-room had in fact been fired. The supervisor deletes your partner off of facebook as well, the same day.

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b5_s4 in Evansville, Indiana

69 months ago

[Is it me, or does it sound like maybe the supervisor maybe told their friend (manger number 1) about the whole ordeal, and then the manager went "to take care of it" by himself without notifying the rest of management to save his buddies ass? They did not file any paper work, no signatures, and did this out on the sales floor in front of public. And then decided to give your partner a "promotion" to kiss their ass? I have a feeling manager #2 has no idea about the first situation. However, "you" can't say anything because you work on the same store chain and it may comeback to hurt "you" or "your" position.

What would be the best action for a person to do in this situation? I know about the EEOC and all of this. I want to try and stay out of this if I can, but if they are setting up your significant other to get fired , then I believe they should step in eventually.

Is there a certain protocol for the way this should be taken care of? Also, the supervisor has been on vacation this week, so hopefully, they are waiting for that person to show up to work before acting. I just wanted to see what more knowledgeable people on this have to say.]"

That was the original thread. Since then, I told my manager about it, she wrote down exactly what I said and contacted their store about it, and 3 weeks later, still, nothing has happened.

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Message to Home Depot

69 months ago

b5_s4 there are many things you can do but I would suggest speaking to lawyer. Here is why: retaliation (though this may seem hard to believe) can sometimes be tricky to prove. I would get an attorney and ask them to draft a formal cease and desist. These can often be fairly cheap to have an attorney draft. This way you and yours are protected. Then I would have the lawyer send that to the regional or divisional HR. Often the district HR's try to contain a situation by firing first and then asking questions later. Once you speak to an attorney you may want to ensure you know how to file an EEOC claim in the event the cease and desist gets you some heat, which it very well may. I can not stress this enough: get a lawyer's advice so you know what legally you are dealing with and what your options are. There are lots of Home Depot Corporate folks trolling these posts that will tell you many things that are not always in your best interest. Get some professional legal advice so you guys know were you stand. I would also get as many people in your store together that know about this and possiblly have the cease and decist include thier support as well. In a case like this there is saftey in numbers. Hope that helps. Good luck and god bless.

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