Some Great THD Math

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mamma bear in chicago, Illinois

90 months ago

Great point!! But keep in mind that charges from the SSC will increase so it probably will only be a part timer!

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Common Sense in Winnipeg, Manitoba

90 months ago

If you have worked in HR, and with the amount of double talk style propaganda and half-truths that most Managers(ASM's and upwards)that you were probably privy to at managers meetings. You should realize that the Depot will never add people to the floor. This is clearly a cost saving measure at HR expense. HR just got stung the same way every part timer or in HD terms "Peak Timer" gets nailed every winter, just before christmas. Don't blame Frank Blake, Bob screwed this company up. Send you compaints to Chrysler HQ. At least you get to enjoy the Summer.

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Homer Dumped On in Pittsburgh, Ohio

90 months ago

First, we need to get serious and do something. This could be a monumental class action suit! Trust me I have a law degree. Very few working at THD have the required background they list on the job description. Others who do were not selected. Can you see them try to justify what a O means in court...In tnis area we are reviewing employment law attorneys.I know a few but we need to pick the best.Have you read the "new" Associate Coordinator job description.Sounds like an HR Mgr to me - same duties. Also if you are a gay woman unfortunately you are through now in HR. they also preach to call and "reach out to RHRM-RHRD". If anyone is successful let us know. we are being treated like trash right now...well maybe not a lot different than usual. How may of you are over 40 or female? Hang in there. help is on the way

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DJC in Naugatuck, Connecticut

90 months ago

Homer Dumped On - did you miss the day in law school when they talked about at will employees? If you don't have a contract with specific terms than you are an at will employee and at will employees can be terminated for almost any reason. Granted the termination cannot be based on protected classes such as age, sex or what not but other than that - the best person is no longer entitled to keep the job. Do some research before you get people's hopes up.

Attorney in Connecticut

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kjun67 in Texas

88 months ago

I am an associate coordinator and can't believe the new job responsibilities which equates to an HR position. They even updated the mutual attraction policy adding that the associate coordinator can not date coworkers. All this with out a pay increase.

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