Terminated last week from Home Depot

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maydawn in Pennsylvania

18 months ago

On July 26th, I was terminated from The Home Depot. I was initially hired as a part time cashier. After 6 months they wanted to "promote" me to Head Cashier. Thinking back to it, I think the only reason they promoted me was because 2 other Head Cashier had left, and I was the only cashier willing to go full time. After 6 months, I got a coaching for bad communication skills, then a counseling for bad communication, bad FIRST, and using my time unwisely. I couldn't believe it. I just laughed in disbelief at the things I was being accused of. My coworkers noticed how bad my supervisor was treating me, and they advised me to move to a different department. My supervisor would not allow me. She would constantly reprimand me, too. I felt like I was constantly walking on egg shells. I decided to go to the store manager. He told me "if you're not strong enough to be on the team, they I don't need you" I did everything I could. I thought I was doing my job, but it just wasn't good enough. We had an opening and closing checklist that we had to do. One time I forgot to lock one tube system, and my supervisor got mad at me. I noticed quite a few times I would open, the closer didn't put walkies away, or lock the systems. I told me supervisor about this, and she told me it was none of my concern...yet I was being reprimanded for forgetting to do one thing. I noticed other head cashiers getting away with things, that I would be yelled at for. I constantly felt like I was walking on eggshells at this place. I'm so glad to be out of there.

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EndlessJoy in Atlanta, Georgia

18 months ago

Sorry to hear that. Hope something much better comes along soon so you can put the nightmare to bed.

Anyway, what is going on at Home Depot?! It seems someone is always posting a new thread about being fired from there.

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Fight For Your Rights in Anaheim, California

18 months ago

Sorry to hear about your loosing your job. But glad that you are Ok with it. No one desires to be disrespected or mistreated on the job. You can always write a letter to corporate anonymously and report the store for unfair treatment to employees. The store manager should of moved you to another dept for sure.

Oh well, water under the bridge and every door that closes, God opens up a couple more. Stay positive, your find something soon.

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