The Truth about HD - Let's Get Real

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GalileoTango in Michigan

88 months ago

ITS COMPETITIVE! Shouldn't it be? People find success sometimes by excelling in comparison to other competitors - even within the same family. Nobody should down a business for rewarding the top performer and chopping off the lowest performers... it's not an HD concept - its a business concept to drive productivity and results. To date, I have never met anybody who has lost their job for a bad reason. And my bet is, anybody who tells you they got fired because of a "stupid" reason is probably not telling all the details about the major work rule violations prior to that "stupid" mistake. Judging by some of the spelling and grammar in some of these posts, I'm not surprised why some are no longer at HD... I wonder if they are anywhere.

MANAGEMENT: There's so much to say here... I'll keep it brief... Management is compensated fairly well. With the experience managers build as a Store manager, they could leave and go to a competitor OR to a totally different career fairly easily. Former HD associates are highly saught-after by other organizations, so why are so many SMs with the company for so long? Hmm... maybe HD is threatening them? I don't think so. It is because HD treats their Managers like Managers - great pay, great benefits, challenging and rewarding work. Tough love, if you will.

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GalileoTango in Michigan

88 months ago

ALERTLINE: At HD, associates may anonymously report misconduct of other associates using the Employee AlertLine. This hotline is a confidential phone number associates can call, be a whistleblower and provide details, and follow-up using a ticket number to determine the action taken. When used correctly, the AlertLine is a valuable tool to ensure the integrity of the Home Depot is protected. When associates make calls exaggerrated, or untrue accusations, investigations are launched, and many times results matching the reported data are never found. It discredits the AlertLine's purpose, and discredits several associates trying to harm the careers of other associates.

HR@HD: It's downsizing. Years ago, HR didn't really exist at HD. There were hourly positions called ADS (Associate Development Supervisors) who were in charge of hiring and training. Due to some isolated unlawful incidents in some Florida stores and Texas stores (Texas is a whole different country) HD put HR Managers in stores to protect associate rights. Today, these associates have representation by the HRMs and the new HR Supervisors which may take over the smaller, lower volume stores. The HR is the champion of the Union-Free philosophy at HD, and drives to improve morale and performance. As with any HR position, teh HRM does have some responsibility to the company and protecting company assets, so people complaining about low raises wil most likely find that at just about any Bix-Box retailer (see IT'S RETAIL r/e Wages).

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GalileoTango in Michigan

88 months ago

Now granted, I might make an occasional spelling or gramatical error as I'm sure many of the incompetent posters on here will be quick to point out, but my message is clear. Home Depot is a fine company that has a huge workforce... and the people who get fired? Well, they just want to rant and rave about how bad HD is because they know how good they had it and now they have to go somewhere else to apply (who may not contact them either - Home Depot sees millions of people apply each day, by the way) and make less money.

If you want a challenging career that moves quickly and allows for rapid advancement, and provides better-than-average remuneration, look no further than HD.

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Brian Kelly in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

86 months ago

Wow you're a REAL Genius.. How long have you worked for HOME DEPOT?

OK so let's get this straight... and I"m a former employee of several years with some of the highest sales in the entire region....

I'm just checking here... When Nardelli and corporate officers paid themselves several HUNDRED MILLIONS of dollars... did they say to themselves..

Eh we can't afford these types of PROFITS? It's RETAIL?

This group deserves one gigantic Foot in their collective Keister.... first off.. HR should be abolished and a UNION or some other collective bargaining unit should be installed to represent "ASSOCIATES" because the current system doesn't work.

Slavery was an evil institution and so is the corporate "culture" of Home Depot.

IT's RETAIL? That's the stupidest thing I've ever read especially when you're talking about a company who tells people they are a GREAT Place to work... hilarious.

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