We had a good run - HR Goodbyes

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mamma bear in chicago, Illinois

86 months ago

I wish everyone who has ever spent a day in an HR Managers chair the best of luck. If you kept your door closed or you were open to your associates there is still a special place in heaven for all of us.
I don't agree with what Home Depot did and I think it was a lousy way to do it. But it is done and we must move on. It won't take long for then to realize their mistake.
Use this threat to tell you HR Greatest or Worst story. names not included.
Good bye

bennies in Washington, District of Columbia

85 months ago

I miss my HR. I have had a couple and they have always been really good people, with the exception of one guy. My last HR was awesome though. People complain a lot on here and I understand that, but in some ways that position can be so difficult and she took some scraps for me since she'd been there. My HR's have always been very helpful to me and they were underpaid as well...I think...I think most people are. It's kind of sad.

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