Why HD S#cks.

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Mr. Pink in Hinsdale, Illinois

121 months ago

At first I was excited when they broke into the Chicago-Metro market some years ago. The service was great, you'd actually trip over people that wanted to assist you. In '91 I got out of the military and like most needed a decent paying part-time job. I interviewed and was hired for a new store nearly ready to open. Shortly after the opening management started to show their true colors: Intimidation, harassment if you did not want to work extra hours, if you did it was not allowed to be overtime you had to cut hours later in the week. I tried to be flexible but my degree/studies had to be a priority I soon found that HD is a dead end company and was not going to stick around there. I'd agree with others saying that they like to fire people for stupid things...its a control game for them since many in so called "power" positions there have small minds and can't get on a better career path. Being a veteran I am very direct and geared toward mission completion, Mgmt i think was scared of that, they want everyone stabbing eachother in the back...thats how they control all the associates thru FEAR. Well I've had machine guns fired at me...that's something to FEAR. I refuse to fear a fat-old looser who recites bumper-sticker management spoon fed from his DM. It also sickens me that they dont do anything about these old [married men] loosers constantly hitting on all of the young cashiers.

Its been a long time since I worked there, as for being a customer when you go in the associates don't want to help you anymore, they literally run in the opposite direction...its so sad. HD HAD a good thing and they runned it, now they have to have "sales" like everyone else to drum up business.

DO NOT work at this company unless you are willing to play the game for the short-term and get out.

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