Why Home Depot have more friendly employees than other places.

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For real in Seattle, Washington

57 months ago

I've worked in many places. Included Target, Walmart, FedEx Freight, Ross Dress for Less, Chipotle Mexican Grills, Panda Express. All these places have significant amount of employees and supervisors who resort to anger, yelling, all sort of fear tactics, being extra picky to the new hires, people that's not in the inner circle, or people who are shy and have low confidence. Work bullying is a real issue. And I always get the feeling that people at these places are in fact sort of disgruntled and not liking their jobs much as all.

While at Home Depot, I rarely see things like this at the one I've worked at in Seattle. People are positive, yet friendly and sociable. Yes there are some brown-nosing and favoring going on, but at least it's not as out of controlled and as obvious and blatantly as those places I've mentioned. I remember I got praised for doing good job all the time while I worked there. Micro-managing is non-existence, unlike those places I've mentioned. People at Home Depot trusted me and let me do my job. Nobody was using gang lauguages or trying to be intimidating, unlike those places I've mentioned. Yelling and being extra picky or pushy to the new guys or guys with low-confidence is once again, non-existence, unlike those places I've mentioned. And for some reasons, I noticed that a lot of workers there are church goers. Many are Christians, some are Mormons. Could that be a reason why my experience while working at the Home Depot is generally positive?

With that being said, how come so many people bitching about the Home Depot on here?

Let's discuss about it, Home Depot employees.

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