Worried about being fired from Home Depot., please help.

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abidurrahman in North Bellmore, New York

56 months ago

chrissirch9 in Scottsdale, Arizona said: So basically I work as a lot attendant at Home Depot . The other day I was on the lot, and found a small fan which had appeared to have been dumped and left by someone because is was next to an old tire and some trash. Anyway, I took the fan inside and finished off my shift about 4 or 5 hours later. As I left, on my way out I took the fan home to keep. Then a few days later, my manager asked me if I had found a fan on the lot to which I admitted I did. She told me someone over heard me talking about it, and told her. She then explained that I should always take things I find on the lot inside in case someone forgot it and comes back for it. She then asked that I bring the fan back, and if nobody comes back for it, I can have it. I later asked if I was gonna be in trouble to which she kind of hesitated, and said that "for now, this is just between you and me, just bring the fan back tomorrow". I am now worried I'll end up getting fired because for one thing, I know we as employees are restricted from taking any kind of gifts or money from costumers, and this situation seems like they might decide to fire me. I'm a very hard worker, and have received numerous rewards for my work, but I have heard other stories of people being fired from Home Depot for seemingly small stuff. Also, why would she say "for now"? Does that mean this could blow up and lead to me being fired somehow? All of these things have me worried sick. Please, if anyone knows something about this or has some kind of helpful information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I also am a Home Depot lot attendant. I work in the Home Depot store in Jericho, New York. Store 1213. Anyway, this is not as huge a deal as you think. If you find anything big that just can't be thrown into some random garbage can, such as a bike or a fan, then bring it to receiving and ask them what to do with it.

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