What does a *I mean on the daily report?

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joylesstrone in Fresno, California

101 months ago

You know the big thick booklet report of your clockins/clockouts?

I had clocked in at like 1000 and (ignoring lunch here) clocked out at 1901 (was with customers) and there was a *i right next to it

is that bad?

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masterspec101 in Rancho Cucamonga, California

100 months ago

It means that you punched in or out at a time outside of your scheduled hours. for lunch you have a + or - 29 minute window from your scheduled time. For example.. scheduled lunch time is 1000, you can punch out between 0931 and 1029 and in bet. 1031 and 1129. and for scheduled shift, you only have a +/- 7 minute window in or out. anything outside of these times will result in your name showing up on a "schedule variance" report, they keep track of these and repeated offenses can result in disciplinary actions. Oh and don't ever go over your 5th hour of work without taking lunch, this 3x will lead to termination.

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