The good the bad and the ugly.

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39 months ago

Good pay,bad attitudes (everybody tries to prove they are right or smarter, better than the next ),snd ugly just how you get fired for the petty s___t! Once again if you click your in if you dont you wont!!!!

Dadepotsux in Citrus Heights, California

26 months ago

You say pay is good... The raises they give you for all the hard work, is just some change... Yes change.. I could find the amount they gave me, in my couch. Every hour of one day.... Now the attitude you've got that correct... Their mean, nasty and down right cruel...... Then just imagine if your not liked... I feel for those people......

Abidur Rahman in North Bellmore, New York

24 months ago

Good pay, bad attitudes. Yeah, that sums up The Home Depot. I work in Jericho, New York, Store 1213 as a parking lot associate. Some of the employees are just flat out mean, but the pay is awesome. My hourly rate is $9.75 per hour. That is way above the New York minimum wage of $7.25.

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