I just Finished my Job Interview today

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Getting Hired in Hollywood, Florida

110 months ago

I just finished a job interview in a one stop career center where there were tons and tons of home depot employees interviewing over 200 people there. They are opening up a new location in south florida and were hiring over 100 people.

I applied online for Home Depot like two weeks ago, they said to several people there that it doesnt go into the system for review until 48 hours after you submit your application online. The home depot interviewers also said that you MUST have a flexible schedule if you want to work there (that means you must work weekends or evenings) or you wont even be considered for the job.

I had only 1 yr of previous work experience and I know English/Spanish, and have lots of computer skills so the HR manager told me they would start me off at $8.25 an hour (.25 raise after a few months) as a phone sales person AFTER they get the results of the drug test in 24-48 hours and he gave me an address to go take a drug test.

A different Person did my interview first before you get to speak with the HR manager. Some of the questions they asked me were (I heard another interviewer asking the same questions to the guy in another cubicle):

- What is your weakest skill?
- Lets say you had to assist an angry customer but you had alot of work to do as well what would you do?
- Lets say there were two power drills that a customer ask for your suggestion on one is heavy and large and another is small and does the job just as good which would you recommend to the customer and why?

those are the ones I still remember :P there were more however

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Getting Hired in Hollywood, Florida

110 months ago

oh yeah and some tips for your interview

- Smile
- Be Polite
- Thank them for the opportunity to have an interview
- Be Cheerful and generally happy to be there
- Make Eye Contact (very important)
- Stand Up Strait

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