I'm not an employee but noticing alot of good older employees at rock hill sc home depot gone.

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Defiled in rock hill, South Carolina

77 months ago

They use 2 have 2 people just answering the phones 2 years ago. Now the employees at service desk are trying to answer all the phones and contact customers about their orders coming in set up credit cards and take payments while I wait for service in line and they cannot deal with me while the phone is continually ringing who is the idiot that transfered all that unto them thats the one to fire or put him working in the lot. I will admit I went to Lowes I heard of 2 employees more then ten years terminated for minor ridiculous things if this is how they treat someone who worked like 18 years and made them $ it is retarded. And that is how they are running the business where is corporate management? getting rid of the ones that were there the first year Rock hill started is stupid they need to get someone answering just the phones only. They had an older man he could answer any ? then the others at the desk can wait on me without the phone ringing or interrupting me. What if you went thru the drive thru to order your supper and the person taking your order was required to answer the phone that rang every 30 seconds oh I get it they saved $.

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