How are new Inventory Specialists doing?

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cartpusher in clinton, Tennessee

99 months ago

Well,in my store-it is the biggest joke yet.The lumber department is completely EMPTY and our outs are over 500 in the store.Now, the managers are coming down on US to walk and explain holes and orders, etc-like we can explain what we have nothing to do with anymore.The dept. head of lumber is giving bull crap lies to management to cover his butt over his dept. absolutely falling apart. He doesn't place the orders on time, doesn't place them at all or doesn't place them right and he tells them it's the trucking companies!We had the district manager in our store and the vice president because a vendor sent pictures to Atlanta of how bad the dept. was and the dept. head still stands there and lies to them.
It makes me so mad because for so long that was my dept. and it makes me sick to see it that way and we are losing so many sales. We had to do 3 fly-bys in one day to fill one delivery. What really makes me mad is that the managers come to me-I don't do orders anymore and they told us we weren't allowed to do transfers anymore. Why am I the one walking around with managers scanning holes and pulling up orders when it should be the one responsible walking around with them? Why do I have to explain his screw ups? I don't know what is wrong with the guy and why he hasn't figured it out by now. It's driving me crazy!

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bennies in Washington, District of Columbia

99 months ago

You should just say so...if you still go to the ops meetings or take the managers one on one. The thing is although I understand how pissed off you are believe me, but I mean really they probably wouldn't listen to you unless you want to step up...maybe take that person's place, but you have to clearly point out that person's incompetence to them...and that simply you're tired of taking up for that person's slack.
The reason that the IMA position is gone is to get DH's to know what the hecks going in DH's should not be able to make excuses now about orders IF they are doing what they are supposed to be doing...and sometimes they are, but for the most part in the stores adjusting to these "changes" I do not think this is happening...all HD got was less IMA's for less pay, juggling more depts. I don't think the other DH's for the most part are stepping up.

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