question about SOP on doctors notes

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penguin56 in San Antonio, Texas

101 months ago

ok, i've been working for home depot for almost 3 years now. Not to long ago they hired an asm who i think absolutely hates me. It seems like she is constantly trying to find an excuse to pick on me and I'm starting to feel harrassed. I am a head cashier, and currently 7 months pregnant. I can't run up and down the aisle's like I used to because i get tired. She keeps coming to me and telling me that I'm not working with enough "urgency". I'm sorry but i get tired! I don't even gets breaks! I finally called the doctors recently and had them fax me a note saying i must take 2 breaks in the first half of my shift and 2 in the second. There are days when we don't have enough people to cover all the registers here lately because we've had so many people quit. So my question here is what if they try to get out of giving me those breaks with the excuse that there isn't enough coverage. Would they have to get on a register to cover me?

I just want to be prepared for this situation because the ASM that i have written about will find every excuse not to cover head cashier lunch, so she might try to find an excuse to not get on a register when there is absolutely no one else.

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hardworkin lady in California, California

100 months ago

penguin56, I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having. I am in HD Management and have been for years. Treating people with care and compassion shouldn't involve SOP, it should be common sense on the part of your manager. Have you asked to maybe transfer into the phone center or another less intense department for modified duty until you deliver? Nobody should make you feel bad because you need to take care of yourself and the staffing issues are what we as management get paid to worry about. You should not have to worry about coverage, that is the responsibility of the FES, Head Cashier and yes, your manager. She is not required to get on a register and if she is even slighlty capable, she should know who the backups are in the store that can hop on. My suggestion to avoid any issues with your till (you know how jumping on and off can cause errors and with four breaks and a lunch in an 8 hour day it is very likely to happen) you request your doctor puts you on modified duty for a lighter position. Turn this request in to the HR team that covers your building, not the manager you are having issus with.
Good luck.

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