I worked here. They treat their workers like garbage.

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BT in Las Vegas, Nevada

112 months ago

I worked at Home Depot as a cashier in Chicago for one year. They were always understaffed and the workers were always overburdened. The workers are just thrown in with hardly any training at all. I never knew where anything in the store was, nor could I answer anyone's questions. The other workers are always miserable and mean as well... but that's understandable because I was miserable myself. Who wouldn't be miserable when you have to work 8 hours straight without a break?? My manager wouldn't give you a break unless you cited your legal rights to one. Most of my co-workers weren't aware of their rights so they were naturally taken advantage of and forced to work like sheep.
The amount of work you're asked to do is incredible... it is definitely worth way more than 10 dollars an hour. The company is filthy rich and they have the means to pay you more but they don't because they are greedy. The company didn't offer me health insurance or anything. And they purposely design the store to be confusing so you are forced to ask the workers where things are (for the sake of 'customer service'), yet there are not enough workers so that is why the workers ignore you when you try to ask them where something is because they are already overburdened. I was a cashier and my lines would never end because they would never have enough cashiers up there.
After the summer was over, I had a new college class schedule in the fall, and so I told them I had new hours, and they kept purposely throwing away my new availability schedule, claiming they "lost" it.. and would turn around and schedule me for times that I had class. I gave them an availability schedule 3 TIMES and they claimed "we never got anything." I eventually got sick of their lies and didnt' show up to work. When I didn't show up to work they FIRED me!!! Total BS! I'd also like to mention they never offered me any benefits like health insurance.

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BJD in Fort Smith, Arkansas

109 months ago

I hear you on that one. I've been with HD for about 6mos and I recently gor promoted to Head Cashier. I was told at the time I had the head cashier position that I would have to make sure that all procedures would have to be inforces and followed. Well, now that I am trying to make everyone follow procedures I'm getting back-lashed not only my cashiers under me, but from my supervicers, HR manager and the MODs. They all say its just my "opinon" not a fact that the other cashiers and head cashier are not following procedures. It's like spitting in the wind when you try and state you claim and fact around here. And too, the managers sign a avaiblity change for me to go back to school and it stated thet they would work with my school schedule. Now I find out that they changed their mind, they wont work with me. How can they get away with it?? NOw that I'm putting up a stink about everything, I bet I'll be the next to be fired.

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! my opinion ! in Norristown, Pennsylvania

109 months ago

I think that eveery place have their own manager and they treat people different, like the one from nevada every one have their ways they treat them but I know the one from Norristown is a good place to work for they train you properly and every thing you need to know about your possition

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