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famous38 in Waynesboro, Virginia

109 months ago

can anyone from the roanoke area or salem area tell me about the benefit package the cost for single or family plan pay an hour how offen you get paid once a week or twice a week what do you do doing orientation and do you find out the benefits during orentation then.Please let me know before I take this position.And what are there incentives to you have to go on conventions once a year?

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pyxis in Nashville, Tennessee

44 months ago

They pay bi-weekly. The insurance is changing due to ObummerCare. Last year a family of 4 would have cost me almost $500/month. The insurance is through Aetna, and it's terrible. The dental and vision are a waste of money.

I'm not sure what position you were hired for, but I was a work at home customer service rep for 4 years. The orientation consists of a bunch of people who tell you how wonderful it is to work there, filling out paperwork, a presentation of ridiculous and unrealistic proportions by a bunch of nit-witted women (and I am a lady, so I can say this - they're the type who have rich husbands and work for the discounts, or they're the homely type who kiss up and are too scared to speak for themselves). What they don't tell you is it's back to back calls, you're monitored for their view of "quality" by a "quality specialist" - there are several "specialists", and each one has a different opinion of what the "quality standard" is - you have all these averages you have to maintain while dealing with materialistic people (only being nice so I'm not banned, but 'people' isn't what I actually call them), or elderly people who don't understand anything. They're all rude and hateful for the most part. I spent the majority of my time fixing errors by other reps. I wanted to puke every time I had to say, "I'm sorry". I felt like a part of me died each time. Working from home is what kept me there - the ONLY perk.

As far as management goes, the only time they had anything to say was when it was negative. I never once heard "good job". Their raises are absurd. I was literally given raises of a few cents, but they blame that on your averages that they manipulate, IMO.

I just read an article a few days ago of where they laid off people in St. Petersburg just 1 week prior to my last day, yet I didn't get severance pay or help with finding another job like those people. They "released" me due to some stupid error that had nothing to do with my performance.

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