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Unix Brat in Asheville, North Carolina

63 months ago

Uncover truth in New York, New York said: what exactly is a 'Project Manager' at IBM...someone i know has not even graduated yet (a course or two remaining, final year, she claims to be taking part time courses in addition to a FT job at IBM) and is claiming to be a 'Project Manager' making $70k+ a year. She is not even 25 - i've always thought 'Project Managers' were guys that have had many years experience within the industry and have certifications such as a PMP or MBA? Is this a blatant lie or is this possible? any insight would be much appreciated

Not saying whether the person you know is fabricating or not, but yes this is plausible.

Reason being that IBM has its own Proj Mgr certification track, so you can toss out the PMP requirements. At least this is what I am told by one of my brothers. He works for IBM, is in charge of a few high-profile projects and therefore oversees several dozen project managers.

Not that you asked, but since I'm on the topic I will announce to the wold how "lucky" I am to come from such a highly ethical, over-achieving family. So ethical that my bro WON'T use his connections at IBM to help his li'l sis be employed.

BTW I'm glad you put this question out there.

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