Ibm hires

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victor in Norcross, Georgia

130 months ago

The IBM HR is a standarized operation with basic interview techniques designed to fit personalities and work traits in a cohesive manner; thus if you are an arse kisser hiding personality IBM will weed you out in the interview process; whatever the group peronalities are that sucessfully employ in the arena of the job you want- that is the final factor; you need to be within the range but not perfect match of requirements- the one area IBM is never lax on is creating and maintaining work teams where personality doesn't interfere with profit- so you may seem the finest possible match but if your personality has elements atagonistic to other employees in that team- you will not get the job. Best sucess- be yourself.

rp in Denver, Colorado

130 months ago

Sometimes companies will offer positions they have no plans of filling, and really want a cheap worker with a visa. Rules are that if you can't find a US citizen for a position, then you can obtain more workers by asking for workers with visas. Could be IBM has no real plans to hire someone from the US, but just wants to say "they tried" and could not find a qualified worker, and must obtain a visa worker. Goes on all the time...

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