don't be a consultant in ibm

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Jim in Brooklyn, New York

102 months ago

Is there anyone who had the incredible horrible experience - got fired at the same day report to work? I paid travel, paperwork, sitting hours alone in the job site, then they ask me out. They treated me like a slave without given any respects.

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Kurt in Plano, Texas

101 months ago

IBM sub-contracts out their IT work. I had a sub-contractor call me about working for IBM's IT at Belo in Dallas. They only were going to pay $25 per hour. Belo is an awful company so I'm not surprised they hired an awful IT contractor. NEVER going to deal with them again.

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jagged in Salt Lake City, Utah

53 months ago

IBM is not a "good faith" employer of contract professionals. They used my credentials to help them get a contract, brought me onboard weeks after they had already started work on the project, named me by name in official documents they gave to the client as the person responsible for an aspect of the project, and when the client didn't like what they had done in that portion of the project prior to me coming into the job, they fired me two weeks after I started without notice or explanation of why I'd been let go. I found out later that they had told the client that I was responsible for the shoddy work they had done before I set foot on the job site. IBM employees are arrogant and dishonest. They disrupted my life and the life of several other contractors (all of them were eventually fired too under the same circumstances as me) and gave me a black mark on my otherwise spotless job history. They're cheap (had to use my own equipment), disorganized, and not nearly so smart as they think they are. Watch out for them and be sure, if you do take a contract with them, to get some langauge in the contract that provides you with some protection. If they won't give you that, don't walk--run from them.

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jagged in Salt Lake City, Utah

53 months ago

Also meant to mention that if you do take a contract job with them, cya, cya, cya. Keep the emails you send to them and receive from them and be sure to take a screen shot of the time sheets you enter in their system, especially the last one. When I was told by the contracting firm I worked for that I had been canned, I immediately filled out my timesheet in case IBM disabled my access. I verified that the status had changed to submitted and the number of hours being submitted. Several days later, I was told that my contracting firm wasn't going to get paid for my last days on the job because I hadn't submitted a timesheet and to rectify the problem. When I went to their system, all of my hours had been deleted for the last week I'd worked there. I filled it out and submitted it again, this time taking a screen shot to prove I'd done it and sent the screen shot to my contracting firm for their records. The only thing I can figure is that they were playing games to delay paying my contracting firm (or try to get out of paying me for my last week on the job). IBM is a sadly broken company, riding on a reputation they no longer deserve.

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