ITT Technical Institute Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at ITT Technical Institute?

What do you like best about working at ITT Technical Institute? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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David Harris in Tulsa, Oklahoma

90 months ago

ITT is horrible.. i worked there for over two years and was denied promotions and pay increases due to not bringing in enough students. what a crappy place to work.

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Recruiter in Quantico, Virginia

71 months ago

What is the starting pay for the Director of Recruitment? What are typical working hours? How are the benefits?

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Academic Instructor in Houston, Texas

53 months ago

ITT OKC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma said: The salary range at ITT is far below comparable positions at other post-secondary institutions. The medical/dental/vision benefits plan offered through ITT is nothing less than horrible. The monthly rates are high and the percentage out of pocket is more than any other company of this size.
In terms of pay you can expect $32-$38k for an admissions rep, $38k for community relations, $35k for financial aid, $50k for program chairs, $40k in career services and $60k for director level positions. The STAR Bonus plan is a small percentage of your base salary and is greatly impacted by an annual internal audit that is done on every department and if there is a failing department you will lose 50% of that bonus opportunity. You will also be denied a bonus opportunity if the annual school results are less than expected. Unless your entire team is competent and hardworking you will not get a bonus.
There is nothing positive about the ITT campus in OKC. There is a large group of negative and abrasive people who only want to take out their frustrations and inabilities on other employees and the work environment is horrible, hostile and abusive. Stay far away from ITT as an employer and student.

My campus is hostile too. I left ITT on my own terms.

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Academic Instructor in Houston, Texas

53 months ago

ITTFORMERCAREERSERVICES in Los Angeles, California said: First of all, you can expect that ITT will forget to give you a review. This happened to me. I transferred from one campus to another and they actually "FORGOT," to give me a review. I was stunned. What kind of a legitimate business forgets to give an employee an evaluation? Mind you, at the time, when I transferred to the second campus, it was like a revolving door. The second month I was at the other campus, my director and my co-worker both quit. They got fed up with all of the nonsense too.
Secondly, the health benefits are cr*p. They give you a HSA, or health savings account. They do not give you an PPO or even an HMO. It's really not worth it for all of the trouble and B.S. that you'll have to deal with on a daily basis.

I have seen the same at my campus too. Very high turnover. In a little over 2 years we went through 2 Deans, 3 Associate Deans, 2 Directors of Career Services, 3 Directors of Finance, 3 Directors of Recruiting, 2 Campus Directors, 3 Program Chairs left while I was there too.

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Dee in Clementon, New Jersey

49 months ago

I am curious to understand why ITT does not provide information on why the did not hire you. For instance, I received the generic letter that my qualifications were impressive, but another candidate was selected. Any position I applied to I had, if not exceeded, the qualifications being sought. Yet, I am declined for further consideration. I think its important that employers tell you exactly why your candidacy is not being further considered, especially if there is an error on the candidate's part, if he/she is under-qualified or overqualified, and what created cause for disqualification. Such feedback is very important so that job seekers can improve their marketability by correcting any discrepancies that disqualify them from further consideration.

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Anonymous in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

46 months ago

pringle05 in Burton, Michigan said: Do any anyone no after taking two wonderlinc assessment test whats next?

an english exam

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Dr. T in New Orleans, Louisiana

45 months ago

The worst job I've ever had, and I worked as a blueprint worker, a gas station attendant, and a furniture delivery man while supporting my way through graduate school. I quit after one term. I sincerely believe that there's one insane person in a basement somewhere acting as president, dean, professors, faculty, etc. There's is no career or satisfaction in this job. If anything, it will cause you shame.

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