How to get a job at Itt Technical Institute.

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Do you work at Itt Technical Institute? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

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anonymous in Tulsa, Oklahoma

80 months ago

yes, i worked for itt for about one year and it was a horrible experience. I have never seen such negative individuals, unqualified instructors and worhtless leadership. I needed some quick cash so i smiled and said the right buzz words to get in the door and then i screwed them over!! haha! i lied to get as many students as possible through the door and made some good money doing it. i played friends with everyone just to get the latest gossip and rumors and then dropped them cold when my big break developed. i left them with some good memories and i am sure there are a few students going through the program thinking they will get something that will not develop.. haha suckers!

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itt_instructor in Houston, Texas

71 months ago

I am now a former instructor from a Houston campus. To get a job, you should go directly to the campus in which you are interested in getting hired at. I was fortunate enough to get noticed after applying online for an instructor position. After getting hired I worked through several minor issues with course content, etc, but the support was outstanding. The Dean and Department Chair really cared about their instructors, regardless of whether or not they are full time or adjunct.

A lot of the students are interested in learning, and you do have those who are not, just like any other college/institute. If you are going to be an instructor and provide quality instruction, you'll find that there are students who will want to be in your class.

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itt_instructor in Houston, Texas

71 months ago

I worked at ITT Tech as an adjunct instructor for about one year. I held anywhere from two to four classes each session/semester. I was able to take as many classes as I would be able to handle, but four was my limit since I worked full time during the day, then taught during the night (long days!).

I found the job by doing a google search for adjunct instructors, and by chance they pulled my resume. Knowing what I know now, I would go in person to drop off my resume with the Dept Chair.

Good luck!

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Student in Los Angeles, California

44 months ago

FormerITTEmployee in Torrance, California said: You DO NOT want to work for ITT Tech. I currently know multiple former employees that are suing the company. They treat their employees like crap, and just recently they cut all health benefits. They trick low income students into taking out huge loans that they'll never be able to repay and then they pass them through the system without the student actually having to attend class. The school is a joke because it isn't really a "School." It's a corporation that cares about one things only.......Money.

I recently joined ITT Tech. My question is can i still leave this school before the loan is approved in 30 days. This what they told me. Or is that a lie?

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Dr. T in New Orleans, Louisiana

35 months ago

Leave. Leave now. You're welcome.

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