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What do you think - will Integrated Medical Systems grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does Integrated Medical Systems stack up against the competition?

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coche in Chicago, Illinois

63 months ago

I think that you can learn at lot at integrated medical systems but the problem is that they do keep good employee and they let a jealous person that has been there for a long time rule out who goes and who stays because that person may be good at what they do and they fill that they are there competition. It’s sad to lose a job when you have kids just because a person does not like you or jealous. Or you are doing so well at your job and they have been there a couple of years and got lazy and now they have to step there game up to keep up with you. I don't think they will grow fast because they are big liars to their employees and try to ruin their reputation. They are expanding their staff but they may not stay that long probably to keep them from getting a raise. You may be a sterile Processing Technician and want to be an OR liaison, but the OR liaison are so sneaky and slick that they go to management and tell them what’s wrong with your trays instead of tell you as well. The OR liaison who some are not surgical techs try to offend the surgical techs that work in the SPD department to keep them from getting promoted and they are afraid they are after their position. So they intentionally make it seem as if something is wrong with your tray. They rather hire an outside person instead of promoting within. It’s so sad what’s going on there that they probably not going to grow that much because they are constantly firing and have to pay people unemployment for not working. They feel that the surgical techs are just there until they find a job in their field and I don’t blame them for just staying there to just learn the instruments.

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