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Steve Shead in San Leandro, California

99 months ago


It seems that it can be a tough thing to get a Resume through the recruiters to the hiring manager. Whilst I understand that it is necessary to screen potential candidates, I want to understand what the top level overview is. What I mean is that there is an element of matching skill sets to requirements, but there is also seasoned abilities in a role. I find that sometimes recruiters will use terms such as "over qualified" and "too linear". What is Intuits corporate culture of vetting Resumes in this top level positions, and how do we aid you in giving you focus on our skills that match your requirements.

Thanks in advance


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Former Intuit Employee in The Colony, Texas

99 months ago

Intuit gets inundated with resumes and you are correct, the talent aquisition folks weed most of them out. Your absolute best bet at getting on at Intuit is to find someone that works in the group you want to work in and give them your resume. Intuit has a generous referral bonus (or at least they did), so employees are generally happy to pass along good resumes.

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Gail Houston in San Diego, California

98 months ago

I actually teach workshops to the unemployed to help them understand how a recruiter works so they will have a better chance of getting an interview...

What I typically recommend is apply on line but then try to find another way can always send a resume directly to me - please include the position number - that way I can get your resume in front of the right recruiter....I also recommend a T Cover Letter - a T cover letter will list the employers requirements on one side and then how the applicant matches on the other. This makes is easy to see that you are truly qualified for the position.

A recruiter can receive anywhere from 0 to well over 500 resumes per position depending on location and skill set required. Most recruiters do want to respond to everyone but unfortunately can't due to the volume. So we look for the skills we were told are must haves and screen from there. Most often these are hard skills (ie - technical or accounting skills), then the interview with vet out the soft skills that are required (leadership, teamwork, etc) for the position.

I know it is frustrating but I came to Intuit because they value the Recruiting process and really want to try to make sure the applicant experience is positive. We aren't always going to be perfect but we have a really sharp team of recruiters that is trying very hard to help managers and applicants connect.

Take care
Gail Houston -

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Francis Shivone in Fort Worth, Texas

98 months ago

Gail --
That's great, personal and practical advice. Thank you. I have read the Intuit requirements and know that I match very well and am what they are looking for. The rub is most guys like me who can do this sort of thing well:
a. have been doing this too long to want brag about it.
b. get annoyed with people who don't understand it and ask us dumb questions.
c. don't want to be one of 500 hundred applicants.
The best production guys are, almost by nature, not good at this process.
Nevertheless, I especially like the T-letter and will begin working on it.(Groan). I wish all HR's had the same kind of sense as you seem to. Thanks.

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Gail Houston in Flower Mound, Texas

98 months ago

I know, searching for a job is the hardest job of all...that's why I started to teach the workshop - to help applicants understand the process. I used to hate cover letters until I was introduced to the T cover letter, it is a wonderful tool.

Since you are in the DFW area (as I am), the next workshop is April 14 th from 9-4 - it is free if you would like to attend send me an email and I will give you the info.
Good luck in your search
Gail -

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Kristin in Indianapolis, Indiana

97 months ago

Gail -

I just came by your answer and the information about the "T-Cover Letter" by fortunate accident - or rather by seeing an Intuit listing that I will be most likely applying for. That's such a greap tip!! I just wanted to say thank you! Your co-horts will probably see mine come rolling across their emailbox this week :) I must say your friendly, personal, helpful advice was an awfully good first glimpse of your company. You're a good ambassador! Cheers from Indiana! Kristin

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Gail Houston - Intuit Recruiter in San Diego, California

97 months ago

Thank you so much for your kind words...the T cover letter is a great tool....look forward to receiving your resume

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Alex in Alameda, California

97 months ago

Hi Gail,

Just happened upon this website and found your comments very helpful. I was hoping you could help answer a question I have on process.

I was wondering, what happens after recruiters forward a resume to a hiring manager? Is there still a chance the hiring manager will reject the application, or will there be an interview with the HM scheduled? Thanks a lot.



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Gail Houston - Intuit Recruiter in San Diego, California

97 months ago

That's a very good question...the overall answer is YES, a manager can reject the application and decide not to interview even though the recruiter thought he/she would be able to get you an interview.

The deeper answer is the reasons behind the rejection:
1. another candidate was made an offer while you were in process (this just happened to me, I had interviewed a strong candidate, but then an even stronger candidate came into play and an offer was made before my candidate could be interviewed - offer was made, my candidate is being kept in mind for future openings.
2. thru the interview process, the manager has discovered that he really needs XY and Z, and you only have X and Y.
3. the position was cancelled or put on hold due to budget, reorg, or not feeling like they really have a handle on what they should be requiring
4. an internal employee came into the process (even though a company is searching externally, an internal can come into the process at any time and they usually will receive consideration over an external candidate.)
5. even though the recruiter thought you met the qualifications, you really didn't and the recruiter is now being told why

I hope that helps clarify the reasons why, keep in mind this would be the case with almost any company...

if you have a specific question regarding the status of a position at Intuit please send an email to with the position number and I can look into for you...or better yet feel free to reach out to your Intuit recruiter for an update.

Have a great day and best of luck in your search...let me know how I can help

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