Any word on new entry level software engineer openings?

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SamH in California

87 months ago

Hey guys,
I'm interested in the San Diego location and have been looking around Intuit's job site for a little while, but it seems no new postings for software engineers are coming up. Does anyone know if Intuit will be looking for any entry-level software engineers anytime soon? Also - anyone have any insight of the work environment at Intuit - specifically for software engineers? Thanks a lot!

Jennifer Hasche in San Diego, California

87 months ago


I would frequently check our careers site on for updated postings/openings. Also, I believe if you have applied directly online you can set up alerts for new openings. Typically, this is a slower time of year for highering in some groups because of the tax season.

The work environment is great at Intuit in San Diego. It's business casual, excellent fitness center on site including classes, outdoor runs/bikes/walks and full locker room amenities. The cafe is great and there is a Starbuck's onsite as well. There is a very good life/work balance at Intuit and many ways to get involved with the company whether it's special projects for your team, getting involved with one of the networks (Indian, Next Generation and Women's to name a few) or enjoying our Friday socials from 4pm to 5pm with free food and drinks.

Let me know if you have more questions.


SamH in California

87 months ago

Jennifer, Thanks for the information. I will continue to check back at the Intuit site.


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