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Denied Unemployment, mistakE because of my issue, FMLA, fired!

I was fired from Chase and denied benefits for being OVER on my register. I was a banker and was on FMLA because I would get very nervous and...


Is chase still taking H1B ??

I have been rejected from Chase multiple number of times now. I am on H1B. Have they stopped taking H1B's?


JPMorgan job submission status

Hi everyone! I have recently applied for a role at JPM. I checked my job status yesterday and it says submission status'withrew'. The thing is that I...


Updated 1 month ago


[QUOTE who="ericamartins in Europe"]please guys i need help i have a jp Morgan chase online account and for some reason a transfer i made 2 weeks ago...

mimi 23 in Arlington, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Hiring process w/ Chase Bank - 72 Replies

I have completed 3 interviews, phone, manager, district manager. All said I did great. Last interview was Thursday. Today is the following Tuesday...

Jcao in TEMPLE CITY, California

Hiring process for chase teller position

Just got a job offer for chase bank teller position. I was wondering if the fingerprinting would be able to discover that I received a misdemeanor...

Andrue sampino in Plano, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Background check,finger printing,DUI @ JPMC - 3 Replies

I recently applied for database administrator Position with Chase. I got a DUI misdemeanor about 6 months ago. My case will be dismissed in January...

ChizzyChines in Amherst, Massachusetts

Background check for prospective hire.

Long story short, back when I was 16 (Now 20), I was arrested for possible felony with shoplifting. I was arrested and fingerprinted. Was never...

B.B in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 4 months ago

Background Checks, DUIs and Employment - 8 Replies

I recently applied for a Personal Banking Position with Chase. The recruiter called me asked if I have ever been finger printed. I told her yes...

Charlie in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

Does JP Morgan Chase do drug testing? If so when? - 19 Replies

Does anyone know if Chase does drug testing? If so when does it occur? How is it conducted? Anyone out there know? Please advise. Thank you.

LD in Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 5 months ago

What's the company culture at JPMorgan Chase? - 148 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at JPMorgan Chase? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans...

LD in Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 5 months ago

Keep getting Rejected by Chase???? - 7 Replies

I keep getting rejected by them. I get this... - Therefore, we have decided not to pursue your candidacy any further at this time. I want to...

tathigpen in Berwyn, Illinois

Updated 5 months ago

My experience with hiring process at JP Morgan Chase... - 1 Reply

Well, it all started on Sept 7th when I received an invitation (by phone and confirmed with instructions/directions on how to get there and who to...

joon in Flushing, New York

Updated 5 months ago

Personal banker position? - 718 Replies

I have recently applied for a personal banker position at Chase and have received a call back to schedule a time for a test. What exactly do they...


Updated 6 months ago

Series 6 exam - 179 Replies

Can anyone who has taken this exam, explain to me how difficult the actual exam is? I am studying to take the test now and the practice test I have...

victor hanstein ventures in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 6 months ago

Hiring a 61 year-old - 8 Replies

I'm a graphic designer, and 61 years-old. Someone passed my resume to one of JPMorgan Chase's ancillary divisions. The company has now asked me...

Bb in Kissimmee, Florida

Updated 6 months ago

HELP: Background Check Clearance - 21 Replies

Hello All, I need HELP. I am currently undergoing background clearance for a position at JP Morgan Chase. At the age of 18 (8yrs ago), I was...

G in Austin, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

When I worked at Chase - 164 Replies

When I worked at the 72nd St branch of Chase I did some amazing things that were always downplayed by management because I was black. Had I been...

Mohan in Houston, Texas

Decision Pending with Hiring Manager

I have been interviewed at JP Morgan Chase 2 weeks back. On my final interview day Hiring Manager had called me after 4 Hours of my interview on same...

Mohan in Houston, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

Interview results - 7 Replies

Hi Can any one tell me when does JP Morgan chase informs you whether you have been selected for the offer. I had a phone interview and then a face...

Cornboy in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 8 months ago

How to get a job at JPMorgan Chase. - 51 Replies

Do you work at JPMorgan Chase? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Jennifer in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 8 months ago

chase and bad credit - 8 Replies

I have applied for a job with chase and I have bad credit. Does a poor credit history have a barrier w/employment for this company?

Gene in Palm Harbor, Florida

Updated 9 months ago

Background Checks @ Chase - 1 Reply

I was recently offered the job at Chase, did my fingerprinting and was totally unaware of a misdemeanor I had on my record from over 9 years ago and...

Brianpoco88 in Tampa, Florida

Updated 10 months ago

Hiring process - 2 Replies

I had an interview for the credit analyst position in tampa on 2/24. I felt the interview went very well but it is now exactly one month later and I...

Lizz in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Chase support center - 3 Replies

Hey I was just hired for a position in the fraud department at the Chase support center and am currently in the preemployment stage. Since this is a...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 10 months ago

Why a Credit Check? - 93 Replies

I don't have the best of credit but am thinking of applying as a customer care rep. My question is: do they do a credit check on all employees? If...

Aba1010 in Tacoma, Washington

Interview at two branches

I have an interview at one Chase branch Tuesday and another on Wednesday. One is a little closer but they're both near where I live. I was wondering...

Givemeadvice_ in Phoenix, Arizona

HELP Chase - Fingerprint Background Check

I joined the Marines 7+ years ago. Decided it wasn't for me and contacted one of those "get out now" groups. Long story short I have a General...

ToriLou in Walnut Creek, California

Assesment NOT working

I've been trying to take the assessment for the teller position but it doesn't work. I've been trying for days now! What do I do? I tried contacting...

Steve in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 12 months ago

Chase's Hiring Process? How long? - 2 Replies

I'm wondering how long does it take Chase to contact you after an interview. Especially if they are hiring 100 people, would the hiring process take...

mikelr84 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 13 months ago

Hired then Fired over Compliance Issue. Please HELP! - 6 Replies

Okay so I applied to work with Chase for a Relationship Banker position. I got called in for an interview. The interview went well and then weeks...

ab106 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Pregnant with a job offer

Chase has offered me a position. I am 6 months pregnant. I'm due 3 weeks before my training is done. How does Chase deal with pregnant employees?...

Fred in West Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 15 months ago

Fired From Chase - 14 Replies

I was recently Fired from chase for alleged incentive abuse. They put my termination info on my series 7 . I am wondering what my options are. I...

beck in Concord, California

What happens after submitting disposition/ court documents they they requested?

Hi! I am supposed to start my position in 5 days. After being fingerprinted, I got an e-mail yesterday asking to send over dispositions for 2 charges...

kindanervous in san bernardino, California


I will be undergoing the new employee process soon, including the background check. In a phone conversation with the HR department, they asked...

Franksmeow in Pittsburg, California

Series 63

How many times can you take the series 63 test with Chase before being fired? Is this at all flexible?

chig13 in Bedford, Texas

Took the assessment for Relationship Banker a while ago and tried to take it again recently to reapply for the position in another location, and a...

Elissa in Ridgewood, New York

Updated 17 months ago

Credit Check - 3 Replies

I failed the credit check back in Febuary 2014 but recently got all my delinquent accounts paid off, because I was denied employment before due to...

Ail in Texas

Updated 19 months ago

assessment questionnaire for personal bankers (I failed - passed the first time though) - 9 Replies

1) A person asks you a question to open a checking account? Provide the customer with information about checking accounts 2) What type of...

1 in San Francisco, United Kingdom



1 in San Francisco, United Kingdom



Anonymous in San Diego, California

Interviewing at Chase

Hello, I sent Chase a video interview about 5 or 6 months ago. My question is, is there any chance that if I re-apply I might get another shot at...

Tim in Missouri

Updated 22 months ago

Would anyone happen to know If an employee was given Tuition assistance at chase and quit how long they give you to pay it back? - 1 Reply

I have been working for the company about 5 years now and have been given tuition assistance from chase. I know policy states that if you leave the...

Shayvilla22 in Denton, Texas

Hiring Process Question

So here is where I'm at: I have applied to several positions in the DFW Metroplex since the end of February. Up until now, I have gone through 2...

Max in Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Updated 22 months ago

Chase follow up after interview - 2 Replies

Hi! I had my interview for a teller position earlier today with the branch manager at a Chase in my city. After the interview I asked for a business...

Nikhil in Bangalore, India

Updated 23 months ago

Interview and hiring process at JP Morgan- Bangalore, India for QA Analyst - 2 Replies

Interview Details I got a call from a recruiter/HR in JPMC for a written test- Got through this and was called 1 week later by the HR. Due to the...

Stare into the abyss and the abyss stare in Texas

Updated 24 months ago

Must be a bad place to work! - 20 Replies

JP Morgan Chase must be a terrible place to work! There are always jobs posted from them for positions in Houston (and everyhwere else). Or are they...

Thunderboltz14 in Phoenix, Arizona

Personal banker interview with District Manager

Hi! I am currently interviewing with chase to become an instore personal banker. I have already had an interview with the branch manager and next...

I want out in Hawthorne, California

Updated 31 months ago

I left Chase and will never go back! - 2 Replies

Chase Bank is without a doubt the most unhealthy company I have ever worked for. They drive their employees like chickens producing eggs. Unless...

Rlynn0831 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 31 months ago

Hiring process - 4 Replies

Hi all, I wanted to get some feedback from those who have interviewed with JPMorgan Chase before. I applied for the operation position in my area in...

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