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ROB in Lavaca, Arkansas

Updated 89 months ago

First Interview for Personal Banker! - 4 Replies

So, I've got my first interview for this position in the morning. The "phone interview" was nothing really, and if that's any indication then I...

acxc13 in Flint, Michigan

Financial Advisor Associate position

I have an interview for a financial advisor associate position with JP Morgan Chase. Can anyone tell me details about the position? Is it a support...

acxc13 in Flint, Michigan

Financial Advisor Associate position

I have an interview for a financial advisor associate position with JP Morgan Chase. Can anyone tell me details about the position? Is it a support...

TrainedbyBrenda in Arizona

Updated 90 months ago

JPMC Background check - 1 Reply

I cant wait to work for this company! From the looks of it great management team and a great location to bring in some nice bonues! But I do have one...

wEm in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 91 months ago

First Interview at Chase for Personal Banker ---- Please Help - 3 Replies

Guys, I have just got an email from Chase and I have an interview call at chase On Wed April 28. I have read almost all the discussion and...

lesmir in phoenix, Arizona

Does anyone know this, can I apply for work at JPMC if I was terminated by Bank One years ago?

Looking for a job at JPMC but unsure if I would be ok to apply.....

klstrick in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

The story the JP Morgan Chase does not want you to know! - 5 Replies

Part 1 of 9 is posted on the link below please check daily for additional parts:

sunilsmom in mequon, Wisconsin

Is the Chicago Location located near train

I need to know whether the Chicago, IL operations is located near the train station. I am located in Milwaukee, WI and am wondering about public...

mariaross in Houston, Texas


I started the assessment, and when I was in question 30, I could not continue.

yazman in Los Angeles, California

Updated 96 months ago

Background check - 3 Replies

I recently interviewed for a position at JPMC. Could you tell me what kind of information is required in the the offer letter package that is mailed....

Morie in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 96 months ago

Does JP Morgan Chase Pay a Joining Bonus - 1 Reply

Hey, I wanted to know if JPMorgan Chase stills pays a Sign on bonus for all positions? Heard that it use to but dont know what is the situation now?

usausa in Detroit, Michigan

Financial Advisor at Chase Bank

I'm thinking of applying for this position. Does anyone know any info on this? The good, bad, and ugly please. Thank you.

Bilingual PB in Schaumburg, Illinois

Updated 98 months ago

Interview today 1/24 - 8 Replies

I applied for a Process Analyst for JP Morgan about three weeks ago and am going in for an interview today. I was laid off right after Thanksgiving...

Dragon Wolffe in Texas

Updated 99 months ago

Former JP Morgan Chase Employee Needs Help Obtaining Info! - 5 Replies

How can I get someone to give me documentation that I used to have employee health insurance and life insurance benefits as a JPMC employee? Thanks!

mikes jones who in somewherez, California

Updated 99 months ago

Over-qualified - 1 Reply

I just don't get it. I've been applying for PB positions with this bank and I will understand if I don't get hired for this job since this is a...

Robin63 in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 99 months ago

Loss Mitigation Job Coach - 4 Replies

I applied for this position. I have a friend who works for Chase in a management position so he is going to try to help me get on. What's a typical...

TexasSBSW in Dallas, Texas

Updated 100 months ago

So I heard from a recruiter... - 1 Reply

I'm one of those people who has a friend that has a friend who will help me get a foot in the door at Chase for a PB position. I was told to walk in...

zelma caddiet in Hialeah, Florida

Updated 100 months ago

Short Sales Loss Mitigation - 2 Replies

Hi What is the story with how hard is to get a short sale done? Does any one in the loss mitigation dept. have any input? Does Chase have any systems...

ssgs in Urbana, Illinois

Chase In-Store Sales Management Development Program

Hello, I am currently a senior in college planning to graduate december 09. I have a interview scheduled on 14th with the Chase for In store...

emi phemi in sunrise, Florida

Updated 102 months ago

a good sign? - 2 Replies

I had a phone interview today, and the recruiter told me i would get a call from the branch manager by the end of this week. In case i don't get a...

alleycat in Mount Sinai, New York


So, I've applied to numerous job positions at CHASE related to Real Estate Appraising, as posted via various web-sites. I have been in the field...

Dasha in Dundee, New York

Updated 102 months ago

problems with chase assemment test - 1 Reply

Every time I apply for a job with chase from their website, I take the test but for some reason it doesn't get saved. Does any one else have/had the...

emi phemi in sunrise, Florida

Updated 102 months ago

teller @ chase? - 4 Replies

Last week I applied for a teller's position on and then few days later I got a call from the recruiter, but unfortunately I missed the...

m chnnnnnnnn in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 102 months ago

Chase In-Store Management Development Program - 9 Replies

Has anyone successfully hired on to & completed this program? I know that you start as a PB for 1 yr --> then move up to an Assistant Mgr for 6mos to...

Dasha in Watkins Glen, New York

Updated 103 months ago

Why the "over-the_phone" interview??? - 2 Replies

I applied to Chase. They called me on the phone and said they needed a little bit more info, but asked me everything that was already on my resume...

Michael Blendon in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 104 months ago

How many PVC's - 16 Replies

Can someone detail for me how many PVC's are awarded for different services and accounts? Thanks a bunch!

JPMC exemployee nyc in New York, New York

Do you get all the severance as agreed upon?

Months after my termination, I noticed my severance was cut way short, silently without any communication. I called AccessHR and only recovered some...

l002981 in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 105 months ago

JP Morgan Chase Discrimnation in Hiring over 55 and the laid off - 5 Replies

Is anyone getting anywhere in the hiring process with JPMorgan Chase for positions within the U.S.on the executive level. Laid off and over 55 seems...

zzp in ORANGE COUNTY, CA, California

Updated 106 months ago

Culture of Chase Paymentech in Tempe AZ? - 4 Replies

I am going to be interviewed for a position as a proactive sales rep for the credit card (Paymentech) division in Tempe. I've seen quite a few...

Beamer5273 in Fairfield, California

Personal Finance Representative???

Any inside info on this position? I interviewed for it and feel pretty confident I will get an offer. I have seen a lot of bad feed back on here...

Biff Henderson in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Do yourself a favor and pass on the PB job.

It may sound great but read on... The PB position is complete garbage...I was a banker for 3 years while I was finishing college. What a joke... I...

Chase----away customers in columbus, Ohio

Updated 108 months ago

Expat packages for JPMorgan employees/execs? - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I'm a reporter looking into the awarding of expat packages at big U.S. banks, including JPMorgan. I'd love to hear from anyone who has...

Jmzaro in Ontario, California

Does anyone know how much a Personal Banker at Chase starts at in Orange Count? Base Salary.

I'm looking to find out what the base starting salary for Chase is in Orange County and if you know the commission possibilities that would be great...

Amy Kavala in Dallas, Texas

Updated 110 months ago



Frink89 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 111 months ago

Operations and Business Analyst - 1 Reply

Is anyone familiar with the operation and business analyst developmental program at JP Morgan Chase? I want to apply for this position, but I am not...

Michael Pait in Houston, Texas

Updated 111 months ago

Where can I buy the course material and the test for the series 6 license and all other tests needed to be a personal banker - 1 Reply

Where can I buy the course material and the test for the series 6 license and all other tests needed to be a personal banker

George Tristll in Houston, Texas

Chase Hiring Criteria

will Chase bank hire a person with a class c misdeamener for theft under 200.00 that was over 10 years ago?

FightBack in I am the real FightBack, New York

Updated 113 months ago

The Real Chase Deal - 1 Reply

I have been a Chase employee for 4 years now and let me tell you one thing: I feel more pissed on everyday. I have had incentive trips that I...


Updated 113 months ago

Do all Chase branches have Asst. Mgr? - 1 Reply

curious to know that, and also on average how many Personal Bankers in each office?


Whats the inside scoop on Wamu branches and employees?

SO I'm a Wamu employee in the east coast and we of course are getting minimal information about the future of our jobs. They say anywhere from...

zwoman15 in Berwyn, Illinois

Updated 114 months ago

How long does JPMC milk the Personal Banker interview process?? - 2 Replies

Hello. About five weeks ago I was speaking with the Branch Manager at my local Chase and she suggested I apply for the Personal Banker position that...

westcoast_neebie in Woodland Hills, California

Updated 114 months ago

Thanks - 15 Replies

I was suspicious of why JP Morgan Chase constantly has so many openings. I figured it was a bad working environment, and I guess your emails say it...

Pook Kudaka in Linden, New Jersey

Is the Chase bank starting to lay off people? How bad the situation is?

Is the Chase bank starting to lay off people? How bad the situation is?

5353 in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Updated 114 months ago

2 interviews and still no response - 4 Replies

I have had two interviews with these people and I have yet to get a call from Human Resources. It's been nearly a month. This is getting old. Is it...

ColumbusBound in grapevine, Texas

Researching IT Management Positions at JPM in Columbus Ohio

I'm currently in the Dallas area working for one of the other leading financial firms in the Operations and Technology side of the house. I've been...

Appalled in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 115 months ago

JP Morgan Chase - 53 Replies

Before the merger of JP Morgan to Chase, JP was an EEOC employer, good for women and minorities that excel. After the merger most of the quality JP...

crazy in salt lake city, Utah

Updated 115 months ago

Is it worth working in Chase IT - 2 Replies

My cousin is joining Chase IT (got two options to join Chicago and one in Delaware) which one is good? or is Chase IT not a good company to work...

Rich Laurenzi in Frankfort, Illinois

Updated 115 months ago


Hi everyone, i was wondering if some of you ex-personal bankers can help me out. I have been a personal banker for a year and a half in NY. Recently...

Hmcbride in Perth, Australia

Jpmorgan Case Employment

Hey!! I am form Australia and wanting to get a job in USA, missouri at Jpmorgan Chase. Im trying to find an email for it about enquires of...

Martine in Brownsburg, Indiana

Updated 116 months ago



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