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Ask101 in Newark, Delaware

Updated 33 months ago

Interviewed for teller position, what do you think? - 6 Replies

Hi. I applied for a teller position on Mon. Received a call from the recruiter on Tuesday, told me she would send my profile and resume to the branch...

ldave in Newark, Delaware

Business Card Credit Analyst

I can't seem to find information//reviews online about this position with Chase anywhere!!! can't someone tell me about their experience in this...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 34 months ago

Less than 2 week notice: Bad or Good? - 2 Replies

Seems like all the managers are out on vacation, tried reading hr policies that didn't really specify notice timeframe of leaving company for the...

JustPlainHonest in Metairie, Louisiana


I will first start off by saying I absolutely LOVED my former coworkers! I was a PB at a very small branch and everyone just gelled for the most...

Newhire in Duluth, Georgia

Do I need to report about second part time job to Chase?

I recently got hired as a Part-time teller (20 hours) at a Chase branch. I don't make enough money just from the 20 hours per week I'm given. I...

Completely Broke and Broken in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 36 months ago

Applied for position, was told a hiring recruiter would get back to me, no phone call - 1 Reply

I applied for a position on October 1st. The very next day, a veteran's recruiter called and left a message stating that in 7 to 14 days (I'm...

Gone4good in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 37 months ago

AML compliance - 1 Reply

Applied to three positions with chase over 7 weeks ago. I recived one message stating that they where aware I was a VET and are sending it to the...

JTM in Long Beach, California

Personal Banker Assessment

I applied for a personal banker position at a Chase location and passed the required assessment. I would like to apply for openings at other...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 37 months ago

How do you know if you haven't been chosen? - 2 Replies

About 2 weeks ago, I applied at several local Chase Banks. Usually, if I'm not chosen I get the "we regret to inform you..." email. I didn't even get...

Maximus Aurelius in New York City, New York

Updated 39 months ago

JP Morgan Unethical Sales Practices, Compliance Problems, "painting" of U4's, pushing managed accounts, etc. - 5 Replies

I am doing research. I am looking for former IM's, SIM's, RIM's or former Advisors for JP Morgan Chase. I am trying to confirm a nationwide policy...

terry462 in Carol Stream, Illinois

Updated 40 months ago

JPMorgan Career Website - 1 Reply

Does anyone know how the JPM "Career" website operates? For instance, I have received "thank you" emails from JPM on positions that I was not...

banker2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Relationship Banker - U4 check.

I have a mark on my U4 where a former employer claimed to have fired me for altering a failed s7 exam score document. I have contacted an attorney to...

cje003 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Starting Salary for Relationship Manager I - Business Banking

I am in the middle of the interview process for this job. I want to know if anyone knows a true starting salary for this or a similar position. I...

lisar1969 in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Updated 41 months ago

Sell Me Your Chase Work clothes - 6 Replies

Just started at Chase. Any former male employees looking to sell their Chase logo'd shirts and ties? I'm a 16.5 36/37, but will consider any sizes...

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 42 months ago

questions - 2 Replies

I just past series 6 test... It is a hard exam and need study very hard ..if I do not pass series 65 or insurance test later, will I still get any...

mac13x in Tampa, Florida

Updated 44 months ago

JPMorgan Chase Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 15 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at JPMorgan Chase? What do you like best about working at...

MaraL in Franklin, Wisconsin

Updated 44 months ago

JPMorgan Chase Cutting 4000 Jobs this year - 2 Replies

My husband is a current Contractor for Chase and this news today makes us very nervous. He has been a document review specialist and has already...

rozzobot in Tempe, Arizona

Chase Paymentech Hiring Process??

Does anyone know how long the entire process for Chase Paymentech Call Center is? I interviewed with the company the 1st week of February and still...

craz in Billings, Montana

Updated 45 months ago

Background Check/ Drug Test - 5 Replies

I recently got hired at Chase they gave me a start date, but i dont know whether i should call them before i take the drug test and background or...

craz in Billings, Montana

Updated 45 months ago

Pre employment Process with Chase - 1 Reply

Last week I was offered a job with JP Morgan Chase in a personal banker position. I have completed all of the pre employment processing such as...

Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

Updated 48 months ago

Leaving the bank, want to stay on good terms... - 1 Reply

I have just accepted an offer from BOA for an advancement in my career and a healthy salary increase. After 5 years with the bank I have no hard...

cw in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 50 months ago

Credit Check by Chase - 1 Reply

Does Chase do credit checks? I'm applying for a loan officer job in Arizona. I have an interview set up. Please help!

Carimel in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 51 months ago

Business Banker - 6 Replies

What is the starting salary for a Business Banker I know the position is base plus commission but what is the base?

Focused in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 52 months ago

background check in JP Morgan Chase - 5 Replies

I applied some IT technical position at JP Morgan Chase and waited for final interview. Before attending final interview, they asked me to complete...

AntJenkins in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 52 months ago

JP Morgan Chase Application - 1 Reply

I applied at Chase Bank for a teller position. Now, the application is closed and I'm shocked I didn't get a rejection email. Before this particular...

Flithemback in Houston, Texas

Updated 53 months ago

Chase Loan Officer Background Check - 8 Replies

Getting ready to go through the Chase Background Check for a Loan Officer position. I know that they do a criminal background check, fingerprinting,...

Reednike2 in Peoria, Arizona

Chase hiring process

Soo get this, I was recently fired from chase back in January of this year for sexual harassment...some chick showed me a picture on her iPhone of...

Hemank in Mumbai, India

JP Morgan Chase HR Policies questionnaire please fill the above questionnaire.I need it for my...

JohnWilson33433 in Sarasota, Florida

Updated 56 months ago

Fingerprint Background Check - 4 Replies

I think I am in the clean, but if anyone could help with some clarification please let me know. I have gone through all of the background check...

JohnWilson33433 in Sarasota, Florida

Updated 56 months ago

Chase Background Check Help - 1 Reply

Hi, I applied for the job a little bit back and answered all of the questions truthfully on the application. I said no to being convicted of any...

JohnWilson33433 in Boca Raton, Florida

Felony Arrest and Background Check

BACKGROUND: I was arrested for aggravated battery/assult with a deadly weapon in October. I've never been in a fight, and don't own any deadly...

hazel in Houston, Texas


Hello, I have read a lot of posts regarding what it's like to work at Chase and to be honest with you, I am terrified to go any further in my...

Kimber Davids in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 56 months ago

Disappointed - 2 Replies

I've worked at JP Morgan for 12 years, and worked my way up from a Receptionist to a Vice President with the first 7 years. I can honestly say, with...

Kimber Davids in Chicago, Illinois

Performance Improvement Manager

Doing some career research. I am currently in training at another financial institution. I havent been able to find any salary information on a...

dawdebra in Oakland, California

Updated 57 months ago

Chase bank has a bad branch - 47 Replies

There is a non-compliant branch on Higley Rd and Guadalupe in Gilbert. The branch managers and officers are not banking material and they do not...

Frank Perez in Antioch, Illinois

Updated 57 months ago

JPMorgan Chase Personal Banker Compensation - 28 Replies

Hey everyone, I’m considering applying for a Personal Banker position at JPMC. I’m curious to know, before I apply, how the compensation...

Fanastasia in Dallas, Texas

Updated 58 months ago

Technology Analyst Development Program - 2 Replies

I am trying to get into the Technology Analyst Development Program. Does anyone who currently works there now tell me whom to contact in order to...

BNEX in East Liverpool, Ohio

Updated 58 months ago

Series 6 Exam.. FOR YOU THAT HAVE TAKEN IT???!!!!! - 10 Replies

I used to work for WAMU as a PB and left for a short while and now I am back. I take the series 6 exam next Friday and am freaking out. I have been...

John Doh in Dallas, Texas

Updated 58 months ago

Tuition reimbursement at JP Morgan Chase - 1 Reply

Can anyone share how the Tuition reimbursement program works for graduate degrees in 2011 and beyond? I am curious if employees must work for 2 years...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 58 months ago

Telling the Truth - 1 Reply

JP Morgan Chase executives should be in jail for fraud. I think the mofia would have learned many lessons from this group! It is a disgrace to this...

curious cat in Phoenix, Arizona

Veterans day job fair in phoenix

I recently went to a job fair in phoenix where they were hiring 310 positions. I ended up doing two interviews there and was told by the interviewer...

Twinkledinkle in Miami, Florida

Chase interview on Friday, no response yet!

Had a phone interview on Wed, then branch manager called and scheduled face to face with her on Friday at 10:30am. Had a great interview I thought....

Shaun in North Hollywood, California

What do you do when you leave your window for any length of time

What do you do when you leave your window for any length of time ?

FonzoR in San Diego, California

Still waiting for the second interview with the District Manager for PB

i apply for the pb position like a month ago, took the assesment, then got the call form the recruiter and talk to her for about 30 min, the same day...

jarrell1036 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

help please

i have 2 misdemeanors from 16 years ago one was for possesion and one was for deprovation of property. i have a summery offence from 05 that was a...

Anonymous in Downey, California

Updated 59 months ago

Background Check. - 1 Reply

I applied for a LOAsst. in fresno but im worried about my background check. Ran into some trouble and had the conviction reduced to a misdemeanor. Is...

Waiting on a decision in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Interview Process & Questions about Regret Letters

I applied for a position back on 8/17, I was contacted by a recruiter on 9/27 (41 days later) and set up a phone interview for 9/30. That went well...

Upcoming Interview in Columbus, Ohio

JPMorgan Chase (ChaseWorks)

What is it like working for JPMorgan Chase as a Quality Assurance Processor in Columbus (Polaris), Ohio?

Natalie in Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Updated 60 months ago

Personal Banker Interview @ Chase - 8 Replies

Hi, I know how negatively people here view Chase and their management, but this thread is not about that. What should I expect at the...

Disgruntled Current Employee in Monroe Township, New Jersey

Updated 61 months ago

Employees Experiences at JPMC - 14 Replies

The next seven posts (sorry its so long) was my experience at JPMC. It was a letter written to JPMC HR with a little investigation but as I suspected...

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