$2000 Contract as a Personal Banker with JPMorgan Chase

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verse214 in Oceanside, New York

106 months ago

So if you get the job offer you have to sign a contract stating that you will pass the Series 6, 63, and Life and then work for 12 mos. or else you agree to pay JPMorgan Chase $2000 for the price of licensing and the $1000 "bonus" after licensing. I have already given them my two weeks and have worked for about 8 Mos. after licensing and my district manager requested that I pay the amount. My manager called around to all the departments to see how to go about charging me the money and could not find a legitimate way. It seemed like most of the time when a PB leaves before 12 mos. the managers just forget about the money. I ended up receivng a typed letter on a plain chase letter head requesting that I send a certified check by a certain date to HR. I am leaving the company because the job is horrible and all you do all day is telemarket, go out to get checking accounts, and get abused by management while they sit there and do nothing.

Here is my question: does anyone have any experience with this? Did you end up paying or getting out of it?

I know if you were a bank of NY employee you did not have to sign this contract to get licensed. Isn't this unequal treatment? The job was also not what they described. The pay was much worse and it's a mindless job where you barely and rarely use the information from the licenses in everyday work. It all depends on what branch you get placed in. If anyone is actually thinking about acceptin a job at JPMorgan Chase as a PB, make sure you look for a branch with a lot of traffic. There are FIVE branches where I work and the one where i am at happens to be the one that does not get any traffic. They will lie to you about how much you make and then they will have people telling you to do a million things. Get Home equity lines of credit, get me some mortgage referrals, get me investment appointments, get me checking accounts from new households, work the lobby, work the lobby, perform service on top of all of that

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verse214 in Oceanside, New York

106 months ago

so if you are considering the job:

If you have a college degree from a top tier university/college DO NOT TAKE THE JOB

if you are mindless and went to community college or do not have an education then consider it.

and try not to sign the contract too...

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carmen p in Westlake, Ohio

105 months ago

What do you consider a top tier school...obviously not ivy league, since you didnt say that..

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