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susieskeptic in Lieu, Illinois

112 months ago

i'M writing this as a personal banker who is relatively new on the floor, as it were. I began at the end of July. I've always been intelligent, even quite intelligent, however I never studied business, finance, banking, nor economics. I had two artsy majors that gave me little hope of acquiring a job with Chase.

I recently struggled with the job and decided that I needed to s(ck it up and just do it. I entered this site and realized that there are a lot of people who are complaining about the same things I am, and there are a few who are excited and happy about their positions as Personal Bankers all over the country.

By and large, the good responses come from those who are making money. The bad come from the reverse.

What I understand is that when I signed on with Chase I had a credit score below 600, over 55k in debt, and zero dollar$ to my name. Today, only eight months later, my credit score has improved to a 655, my finances are in order, and I am now the personal financial advocate to millionaires, small business owners, as well as stressed out blue-collar families.

I come home from work every day with happiness and bittersweet anxiety. Yes, this job is stressful and the uniforms suc%. However, I'm happy to say that the stress comes typically from avoidable entities. If I get checking accounts, the managers by and large get off of my back about silly little things that have stressed me in the past.

In the past, I was written up because I am completely unfamiliar with the banking industry and made stupid mistakes. Nevertheless, I am set to be a millionaire when I retire because of the training that this company has graciously given me.

If you are applying for a job as a PB and are worried about the negative feedback you read from anybody on this site, know that I am among the strongest complainers and the most sincere advocates. All jobs warrant complaints, but few will leave you as satisfied and WISE this. God bless.

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jvaloff in Santa Ana, California

73 months ago

do you still work there?

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