Criminal Check @ Chase

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James Smith in Columbus, Ohio

92 months ago

Hello! I was hired by Chase and I was wondering how you will think they will look at a drinking underage charge in 1992? I told them about it on the application but I'm not sure this will be a problem once I start.

Do you know the guidelines to criminal check dismissal @ JP Morgan?


carmen p in Westlake, Ohio

89 months ago

They wont care, they need new expendable fish like you to keep churning thru the revolving door.

mepasiko03 in Washington, Michigan

89 months ago

As long as you weren't stealing money or attempting fraud, they won't really look at it. They do a standard background check, drug test and then you're on your way.

I know a guy that was hired into Chase in the corporate division that had been bought out from Vastera (sp?)and he had 2 DUI's in the past 3 years, and he still got the job :shrug:

Diane C in Brooklyn, New York

89 months ago

I believe as long as you dont have any felonys your good to go.

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