Drug testing

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pearl777 in Colorado

73 months ago

I have been offered a teller position and have to take a drug test. I am not a "druggie" but I did smoke a little weed at a bachelor/bachelorette weekend-long party...so I am concerned about passing the drug test. I was just wondering if anyone knows if I will have to take the test at the HR dept. where I sign my paperwork, or if I will have to go to a different facility for the test? I am in Denver, so that is the location I am needing info. on, if anyone knows anything.

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Stewie in Boston, Massachusetts

73 months ago

Usally they send you to a lab and its a few days later. THC is stored in your fat so exercise will leach it out. The tests are very simple so drink ALOT of water everyday untill the day of the test which will dilute the sample and they will make it over. The secret is to take lots of B-12 viti which will put some color back in the sample and make it passable.

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ebay2478 in Brentwood, California

73 months ago

To be on the safe side as a casual user you will want to have abstained from smoking pot for 18 days. Look up drug testing on Wikipedia. They have a chart that shows you detection times. As a casual user you should be ok as long as enough time has passed.

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