Felony Arrest and Background Check

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JohnWilson33433 in Boca Raton, Florida

66 months ago

BACKGROUND: I was arrested for aggravated battery/assult with a deadly weapon in October. I've never been in a fight, and don't own any deadly weapons. My accusors saw a money grab, and started beating and pounding on my car. I got out of the car instead of calling the cops (my huge mistake) and they ran off. They got my license plate number, called the police, and claimed I tried to hit them with my car. This was depsite my idling back out of the parking space, and having them run up behind my car as I was already backing out of the space. Since it was their word against mine, and since the probably cause hurdle is minimal in Florida, I was placed under arrest.

Fortunately the prosecutor saw through this nonsense, and criminal charges were NOT filed against me. My brief stint in the legal system was over, however, the time it take to expunge your arrest record in Florida is a long, tedious process. I'm about three weeks away from having the entire thing wiped clean and vanishised. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) shows my arrest record, and verifies charges were never filed. They were "declined." This is much different than having gone to court and having the judge throw out the charges, being found "not guilty" and/or being convicted and placed in a diversion program.

CURRENT STATUS: I'm receiving an offer this week for a Commercial Banking Relationship Manager position. Obviously I will have to go through the normal background checks, finger printing, etc. This will likely take place BEFORE my record is completely expunged in 20-30 days.

QUESTION: How does JPMorgan Chase view arrests (felony arrests) WITHOUT a conviction? I'm assuming this isn't grounds to have an offer pulled, but I was curious what the forum thinks of my situation, if there was anyone that has gone through a similar nightmare, or if there are any HR professionals thoughts on this.


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