Glad I didn't listen to the complainers.

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Ryan in Portland, Oregon

58 months ago

I've been a personal banker at Chase for about 5 months. Before I started the job, I looked over these forums and was a little bit skeptical but after doing the job, let me just say that most of the people who complain on here are probably just bad employees.

Chase puts a ton of training and development into their employees. Sure, just like any fortune 100 company, there's probably a bad manager here and there, but my experience has been that everyone from the asssistant manager up the market manager is nice and supportive. Oh, but here's the catch - they expect you to work and do basic things like show up on time and take care of customers.

Chase has a very specific way that they want things done and they teach you how to do it. If you follow these instructions, you will be successful.

Yes, this is a sales job, and yes, you will have to be proactive so that you see enough people to be successful. Chase doesn't have "sales goals" they're more about making sure you do what they ask. But OMG, once you start doing what they ask, you somehow start making pretty good commissions.

Yes, they train you to do stuff like "work the lobby" which is where you approach customers while they wait in the teller line so that you can see if there's anything you can offer them. Complainers on this board say this is some sketchy supper aggressive sales tactic that drives away customers but it's not at all. In your training, they make it extremely clear that you MUST respect your customer's time, and that you may not push them into anything they don't want. You can only do this while a "runner" is available so they handle the customer's transaction while you review their account. It's an opportunity to meet with more prospects, provide a good customer experience, and MAKE MORE MONEY.

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Ryan in Portland, Oregon

58 months ago

Most of the stuff that you "sell" is free to the customer and beneficial to the customer. (Direct Deposit, Online Bill Pay, credit cards with no annual fee that earn insanely good rewards, etc.)

YES they outsource and yes they sometimes lay off people. Unfortunately these are things companies do to stay competitive. I know the lazies of the world would prefer if major corporations would hire only union labor, guarantee them a job for life and only require them to life one finger per day but unfortunately they can't stay in business doing that. Corporations tend to have much easier work environments than small companies who aren't as much in the spotlight and thus are less accountable. Would a small company pay you to take maternity leave like JPMC does? Don't think so.

If you can follow basic instructions JPMC is a pretty good place to work. They offer health and dental, a matching 401k, paid time off, paid holidays, and competitive salaries.

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