Interview Process & Questions about Regret Letters

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Waiting on a decision in Altamonte Springs, Florida

77 months ago

I applied for a position back on 8/17, I was contacted by a recruiter on 9/27 (41 days later) and set up a phone interview for 9/30. That went well and a 2nd phone interview was set up. I had the 2nd phone interview on 10/4 made it to the next round. An Onsite interview was set up for 10/14 (6 person panel interview) which I honestly thought I slipped up on. However, they called me back a week later saying that they wanted me to come in to interview w/a few other Managers whom weren't in the 1st Interview and to also meet with the dept head. I went in on 10/28 for the final interview and I thought it went really well, they all had great things to say about my 1st interview, saying that the previous managers were all really impressed. I felt like I nailed the 2nd interview, Questions were more along the lines of "How Do you think your leaving your current employer of 12yrs will go/What would be the hardest part of leaving your current roll" vs. "If selected for this job.....". Which lead me to believe they were seriously considering me. After I finished interviewing w/the dept head (which also went great), I asked how long before a decision was going to be made I was informed a 1 or 2 weeks...if that.

I'd most likely be ok if that last part (...if that) wasn't added, but impatient me is wondering if I need to be concerned as it's been 11 days and I haven't heard a peep yet. Does Chase send Regret letters/email's? Should I contact the recruiter to see if they are still in the decision making process?

I suppose no news is good news, except when you are waiting on the news ;-)

Thank you in advance for any assistance/feedback you can offer!!!!

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