Interviewed for teller position, what do you think?

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Twinkledinkle in Miami, Florida

42 months ago

Hi. I applied for a teller position on Mon. Received a call from the recruiter on Tuesday, told me she would send my profile and resume to the branch manager. Received a phone call from branch manager 1 hour later to set up an interview for Thursday at 10:30am. Went in and met with her. Very nice lady, we laughed, joked and everything seemed real good. she even made comments about some of my answers like "Thats what I have been waiting for you to say!!!" and "Oh my gosh, I have been trying to teach my employees the importance of that all the time!!!". The interview lasted about 20-25 mins. At the end she told me if I were hired what my benefits would be and introduced me to another employee there. Shook my hand told me she had 2 more interviews the same day and she was going to send my stuff to the recruiter and that the recruiter would email me and told me Good luck! 2 hours after the interview I looked online and she removed the position for her branch stating that no longer accepting applications for that position, im assuming she made up her mind. I havent heard anything back from a recruiter but am sooo nervous! Going by what info I gave you, does it sound like I have a good shot? Im nervous cause she had 2 more people she said coming after me and she removed the pot 2 hours after me. How long does it usually take to hear back? I'm excited yet nervous! :)))

GuiMIAMI in Miami, Florida

32 months ago

hey twinkle

its been 3 weeks and i have not heard anything from anybody, :(

been waiting so long and patiently, but im losing my hopes. did they ever call you back???

SAML in Murrieta, California

17 months ago


I have an interview at chase on Friday! what kind of questions did she ask you? lol it is so nerve wrecking haha

flokambira in Cleveland, Ohio

16 months ago

I have an interview at chase this Saturday, i was just wondering what kind of questions I should be prepared to answer. Can some one help me with this?I really want this job, I have been applying for 2yrs now and finally i have a chance to have an Interview and I do not want to mess it up. Thanks in advance

Johnny in Prairieville, Louisiana

15 months ago

You do NOT want to work for this place. There is excessive turnover.

Johnny in Prairieville, Louisiana

15 months ago

Chase is just a numbers game. They care nothing about their customers. Its sales, sales, sales. If you don't make the crazy numbers you're out! Plain and simple. I speak from experience.

Ask101 in Newark, Delaware

15 months ago

Can anyone tell me about the Business Card Credit Analyst position with Chase!?

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