JPMC Background check

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gentlemen1987 in Atlanta, Georgia

90 months ago

I cant wait to work for this company! From the looks of it great management team and a great location to bring in some nice bonues! But I do have one question, I submitted all my docs for employment, offer lettter, background check and etc and I am still waiting for everything to be complete. How long does this process take?? I want to make sure I send my 2 week notice in to the new job without messing up any vacation time.

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trainedbybrenda in Arizona

86 months ago

Boy you must have fallen off the turnip truck and landed on your head! The fact that you're still waiting for the 'process' to finish up should send the biggest and fattest RED FLAG on earth to you. You, my friend are nothing more in Chase's eyes than cannon fodder; you are a termination waiting to happen (and to increase some dumb-ass supervisor's bonus). Great Management Team???!!! What planet are you from?? JAMIE DIMON DOES NOT APPRECIATE YOU. Deal with it and get over it. I worked in their default home lending group. I can tell you very plainly that this bank has NO INTENTION OF EVER MODIFYING ANYONE'S MORTGAGE LOAN EVER. They put people on perpetual treadmills to keep sending in documentation and put them on 3 month trial plans that get extended out for up to 3 years in some cases. This way, they never have to move those loans to the non-performing category and their so-called "Fortress Balance Sheet" never takes a hit. Meanwhile they graciously accept $25BB from the government which they acknowledge they don't need. So instead of investing that money in loans to middle market businesses they trade it for their own profit and shell out average bonuses of $436,000.00 to everyone in the INvestment Banking team! Boy, how do I get the US Government to do that for me!!???

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