Pre employment Process with Chase

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mooke in Denver, Colorado

61 months ago

Last week I was offered a job with JP Morgan Chase in a personal banker position. I have completed all of the pre employment processing such as finger printing, drug testing, initial onboarding forms, etc. I have consented to their background/credit checks, etc. Right now I am just pending results from everything. (I will have no problem, never been in trouble, don't do drugs...)

My question...
I have had near perfect credit history since I was 18 (so about 10 years worth.) I have VERY stable employment history, about 9 years with the same company... I've always financially been very responsible... Never late on rent, car payments, credit cards, etc. I left my job back in May and have since ran into some financial issues. I've made a few late payments on my credit cards and am currently 90 days past due on one of my cards and am 60 days past due with my cable provider. I am trying to play catch up with all of my bills and have every intention to pay them, it has just been hard, I have minimal income right now and I'm just trying to get back on track!

Do you think this will prevent me from getting this position? Do they look at history overall or just my current situation? I am just very nervous for this. Thanks!

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craz in Billings, Montana

59 months ago

What type of drug test did they do?

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