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BeckyF in Houston, Texas

69 months ago

There are some things I wish I'd been told before I accepted this job.

The branch manager and DM should have said this:

1. There are only 4 bankers in this branch right now but we are planning on having 8 of you within a year. We will be cramming bankers into branches that are not busy, creating too much competition and some shady behavior on the part of the less ethical bankers). My POV: We are in a slow, little town. We do not need that many bankers! We are at each others throats for sales because of all the pressure.

2. All we care about are your PVCs (sales numbers). If you are doing unethical things, as long as the district manager does not find out about it, go for it. We will overlook unethical behavior and pretend to reprimand people if their sales numbers are good and they are profitable to the branch.

3. All we care about are checking accounts. We won't really care much if you bring in a half million dollar investment account. We (the BM and DM) are given our bonuses based on the number of checking accounts opened, so that's all we care about in the end. We will pretend to care about the "customer experience" and savings accts etc but really...I WANT CHECKING ACCOUNTS and I WILL BADGER YOUR CUSTOMERS INTO OPENING THEM. (My POV: aren't the bankers supposed to be the "experts" at profiling customer and finding out what they need? If they only need a savings accounts please do not harass my customers about a checking account while doing your BMI with them. Also, I make more on savings accounts and investments, so I like making that money too)

4. Some people will get written up for tardies and absences and others will not, because we play favorites. (My POV: it sucks, it really sucks. especially if your boss is gay and treats the men better than the women. we all see it)

There are more things I wish I'd known but my laptop battery is getting low and I don't have the cord more later if anyone wants it.

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