What is the work environment like in any of the GA locations?

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GW in Georgia in Smyrna, Georgia

97 months ago

It is kind of scary looking at all the negative comments about JP Chase. Has anybody out there worked in any of the Atlanta, Marietta and Kennesaw locations in GA? What is the environment like?

Diane in Dallas, Texas

97 months ago

These boards all have negative comments on any company you look up. It seems that past disgruntled employees hang out on these sites. To test it, I looked up my current company and it is a replica of the comments made about Chase, so I would take the nasty negative comments lightly, and try and weed those out and pay attention to the comments from people that are taking this seriously.

AB in Houston, Texas

97 months ago

Are you looking for a banking center job? They are hard on their sales employees, but overall as a company it is excellent. Their benefits are good and they really take care of you, you just have to put up with all of the pressure, which you get in any sales position. I have worked for two other banks, and so far I like Chase the best. It also depends on what manager you get, etc. But that's anywhere you work. Hope that's helpful.

Michael in Atlanta, Georgia

94 months ago

Does anyone know anything about JPMorgan Chase in Atlanta? I just aplied for an extractor/keyer position and wanted to know if anyone had any information regarding the job, work enviroment or any other valuable information? Is it hard to get an interview?

TCGren in Chicago, Illinois

92 months ago

Atlanta is a small location for Chase, with no more than 40 jobs. Extractor job is entry-level payment processing job.

Umm ok

89 months ago

Where in Atlanta is there a JPMorgan Chase?

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