How long does JPMC milk the Personal Banker interview process??

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Maybe Chase - Maybe Not in Chicago, Illinois

111 months ago

Hello. About five weeks ago I was speaking with the Branch Manager at my local Chase and she suggested I apply for the Personal Banker position that was open at another branch.

In just a matter of minutes, before I had even applied online actually, I got an email from HR saying that I had been recommended to Chase by an employee. Within an hour HR called me to chat. After about 15 minutes she set up an appointment for me to re-take my SATs (aka: Chase assessment). One week later I completed it. I was told on the spot that I did very well and that the HR rep I had been in contact with would call me by the next day to schedule a phone interview. It actually took her three days... but who's counting. The phone interview went just fine and she said that she would set me up a half-hour interview with the Branch Manager and email me the time and contact info.

About a week later I had the interview with two Branch Managers. It actually lasted about an hour and twenty minutes and I think I did pretty well. That was two and a half weeks ago. Judging by what one of the Branch Managers told me at the interview... my HR rep would be calling me within about four days, after they interviewed six other candidates.

So here I am nearing three weeks later and still nothing. Last week I fired off a friendly 'thank you' email to the HR rep in hopes that it would remind her to contact me, but I've heard nothing.

What takes so dang long?? My personal guess is that they decided on another candidate but don't want to mention that to the rest of us until their #1 choice has passed their background check and actually shows up to work on their first day.

My life will go on if I don't get the PB position... but what really gets me is that Chase has failed several times now on meeting dates where they've said we'd be in contact. So, do you all think I'm more than likely out of the running... or is this 'forever and a day schedule' normal modus operandi for Chase?

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chase----awaycustomers in columbus, Ohio

111 months ago

between maybe and maybe not- go with maybe not, friend. chase will not be a constructive experience for you or anyone for that matter.

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zwoman15 in Berwyn, Illinois

110 months ago

Chase----away customers in columbus, Ohio said: between maybe and maybe not- go with maybe not, friend. chase will not be a constructive experience for you or anyone for that matter.

Count your blessings. Chase chased me away about two years ago with a terrible performance review, and I pretty much was a workaholic there. I had no other life. The review I had was a bunch of fabricated lies. I, like the others before me on this blog spot am very happy that I am out of there. You are only a number there, not a person, they do not value anybody at JPMorgan Chase. Jamie Dimon pretty much only values himself and that is it. Don't waste your time waiting around for a call, move on. JPMorgan Chase has a New York mentality to them. I used to call them many times for an answer to my payroll sheets when they were converting over to a new system, I would wait, and wait, and wait. Only for them to call and tell me that I need to call a different HR person. I didn't like their HR personell at all. they favored management over the employee. Move on and don't even think about them any longer.

Another friend of mine that worked for Chase, also had a very bad experience with them, and is no longer there.

I still have my accounts at Chase, as I have very few problems with that. They charge fees, but who doesn't now a days, even National City Bank has their fees.

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