What type of drug testing does Chase do?

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greatwhite14 in Des Plaines, Illinois

67 months ago

Is it the standrad 5 panel drug test? Please let me know asap, and only people who have taken the drug test!

sarah1234 in Boise, Idaho

67 months ago

The pre-employment drug test for Chase was the first drug test I have ever taken. I would assume that they would test for as many things as possible. I'm not sure how you would tell what kind of test it is. They just gave me instructions on how to do it but not what kind it was. Seemed like a pretty standard urine test.

Boredryu in Texas

66 months ago

It depends on the role, lower non bank officers take a urine test. Bank officers probably don't have to take one.

Renatodd in Santa Barbara, California

54 months ago

First of all, they dont TELL you what they're testing for.

You pee in a cup. If you did drugs, then dont count on passing.

herkxenab in Escondido, California

52 months ago

Took a drug test 1/19/11 to be hired in the loan servicing division in San Diego, CA. Basic 5 panel. Passed the fingerprint check, drug test and background check. Started my new position on 2/1/11. when I went for my drug test, I brought my prescription bottles for all my prescription drugs and listed every OTC medication (Advil, Motrin, antihistamines, decongestants, Tylenol, etc.) I took within the 30 days before the test on the off-chance that one of the drugs would cause a false positive. The test is checking for barbiturates, narcotics and illegal drugs. If you are a drinker, I would hold off on ingesting alcohol the day/night before the test.

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