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Candi Dez in Chicago, Qatar

98 months ago

A pathetic and desperate place- not only because I was verbally abused by management.

Your 1st day you will walk into a dim cubicle with no pencils, post-its, no computers. You're told to furnish your workspace after thinking you'll have an 'office' when hired.

You don't turn around because you have just paid $500 for your licenses to transfer. You now pay postage, e&o insurance, rent for your slab of a desk in an island of drooling kids and degenerates, and you will then be charged for the brochure that you are told to give away at every meeting. On top of that, you will only receive 25% of your commissions per paycheck. I walked away from many thousands of dollars that I will never get back, but for which I worked SO hard.

After this clicks in, a grease ball sales manager will tell you that you are fed leads. These leads are precisely why the entire operation is going under- legally and fiscally. When I left there were vultures digging through my personal files and trying to call my clients to churn & replace policies.

The entire operation is based on replacing old policies, putting people through painfully slow underwriting, and in the process virtually wiping away all the money they've accrued in their old life insurance policies without telling them.

They hire 'sales managers' who have sometimes NEVER sold life insurance! They hire a multitude of mentally unstable recent grads who can't pass their tests. Half the office still depends on mom and dad for support. The people who are doing well are usually the most degenerative. They even hired a girl in a miniskirt and no nylons who looks like a dirty stripper. She was hired without licenses too!

There were 85% decent people when I began- they ALL left (most of the agency!) at one time to go to another agency they started. Ever since they left the agency has been a slimy, dishonest pit of vultures who can't get a job anywhere else and so they stay there. You have no future there.

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