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L. Goosby

Updated 1 month ago

KBR Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 36605 Replies

Hello, good luck to all..... anyone have access to a food service recruiter? L_Goosby@yahoo.com thanks


Updated 2 months ago

Information On LOGCAP IV, Dyncorp, KBR, Fluor ect. - 152 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kristin K. in Salisbury, North Carolina"]Hello, I am an Environmental , Health & Safety professional with an extensive background in...


Updated 2 months ago

How to get a job at KBR. - 123 Replies

On dyncorp,flour & kbr in the job submission section. I have 3 jobs 2 of them say review/edit submission and 1 say review submission. I'm guessing...


Updated 2 months ago

Going to Houston for Processing... - 9295 Replies

[QUOTE who="zumiez17 in Oak Grove, Kentucky"]I've been told that I fly out on the 12th..last week. I talked to my recruiter and she told me that I'm...


Kbr in iraq

Anyone in the Erbil, Iraq area? Can you tell me how it is over there working for KBR

suham faqi

Updated 3 months ago


Dear, My name is suham faqi.I have worked with KBR in Erbil,Iraq since 2003.I do like to work with this company one more time.Would you please...

Wes Niles

KBR rehire eligibility question

I was a convoy driver for KBR during OIF on the LOGCAP project for several years until the Obama administration. I'm eager to return to KBR and have...

Aj in Wasilla, Alaska

Updated 5 months ago


I am looking for input on salaries and working conditions for Plumbers working for KBR IN Iraq?

Madden17 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 6 months ago

What do they deny you for during inprocessing - 27 Replies

How long does it take to get results of your physical/bloodwork back. Would they deny you if you have an STD or other ailment?

Tonydowfromashcroft in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 6 months ago

Recruiter contacts? Advice? Husband is an electrician and wants to work at KBR. - 23 Replies

I have read a lot of these posts and they are full of information! Thanks so much for your help! Can anyone send me an e-mail of a recruiter...

Justin Wilderom in Aurora, Colorado

Updated 7 months ago

Will I be paying taxes if I'm working over seas? - 11 Replies

Thinking about taking job and I was wondering if I'm working in the middle east in a war zone will I have to pay taxes?

Mike Be in Ely, Minnesota

Updated 8 months ago

KBR Postal Jobs - 16 Replies

Please post any information or experiences you might have with KBR Postal jobs (i.e. Postal Clerks, Mail processors, COPE, Postmaster, or any other...

ciufa in Huntingdon, United Kingdom

Updated 8 months ago

Diesel Mechanic KBR Iraq - 1 Reply

Can anyone inform me about working in Iraq for KBR as a Diesel Mechanic. I am awaiting my police clearance and am being processed on 25th May 2011

Tima in Hornsey, United Kingdom

Updated 9 months ago

Confusion in searching for KBR jobs. - 29 Replies

Ok, I'm kinda confused. I was recently told about KBR and all the high paying jobs in Iraq. My background: I'm a recent college graduate with 2...

rocci in Seattle, Washington

network technician, cable maintenance, fiber splicer

Does anyone know of any positions in iraq, Afghanistan, or kuwait for a network technician? I have workednfor us.west, qwest, and centurylink for...

hokieboys@*****.*** in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 17 months ago

Sharana, Afghanistan - 45 Replies

Is there anyone out there that has been to or know someone that has been to Sharana,compound in Afghanistan.Is it cold there is it mountains or...

D Robs in Apo

Updated 19 months ago

WABI Specific Question. - 6 Replies

Can someone please explain the sections on the WABI and how they are all supposed to "add up?" I was sent home today from the DPC in Houston based...

Necherwan in Erbil, Iraq

Updated 20 months ago

KBR in iraq - 78 Replies

I am being considered for a position as an MWR coordinator in Iraq with KBR. I want to talk with anyone who has/is working for KBR in Iraq. I need...

Abu thahir in Ernakulam, India

Updated 22 months ago


Was offered a job a week ago as master electrician, huge decision, wife and kids at home. What can i expect,is it really as bad as i have read if...

Bujar in Albania

Updated 23 months ago


Is anyone currently working, or previously worked in Kuwait? I am thinking about applying for a position there. Wondering about the living...

tx life in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

Drug Screening - 15 Replies

Can anyone tell me how the drug screen is administered and where in houston you go to take it? I've been working the last few years as a salesman and...

Michael in Kabul, Afghanistan

Updated 24 months ago

bagram airbase - 15 Replies

any info on bagram airbase

Deone Bolden in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 26 months ago

Would like to work with KBR - 1 Reply

I am an ex Soldier in the Signal Corps with a Desktop and Network background. I have a current passport and drivers license also. I have applied on...

Mrs Wood in Grand Prairie, Texas

Updated 27 months ago

SF85 and credit history - 8 Replies

I am currently going through the hiring process for the light wheel vehicle mechanic job in Iraq. My question is concerning the SF85 process. My...

erick wilson in Houston, Texas

Updated 29 months ago

Does kbr inform you whether or not you have been selected for a position? - 1 Reply

Just wondering if those of you who have prior experience applying with kbr have received either An acceptance Letter via email or regular mail. Or do...

Borith Prom in Lake Elsinore, California

Updated 29 months ago

KBR in Afghanistan (1st timer) - 80 Replies

I am glad that I found this website. I do have a couple of questions if anyone can answer them. Sorry if I am repetitive. I leave 2 weeks from...

chadenworld@*****.*** in Katy, Texas

Updated 33 months ago

kbr food service jobs in afganistan and iraq - 4 Replies

I have been looikg and appling for food service jobs with kbr for a long time now i was wondering if any food service recruter`s use the forum`s and...

federicis405@*****.*** in Broomall, Pennsylvania

Updated 36 months ago

mailing address - 2 Replies

mailing address for Phoenix

sudash in Durban, South Africa

Updated 38 months ago

Master Electrician trying to get to Dubai (UAE)- Help! - 4 Replies

bluecamel, I am trying to ask you about KBR, this is my first time on a forum. Forgive me if this question ends up in other topic areas! I am a...

Jshuff79 in Stoke On Trent, United Kingdom

Updated 47 months ago

UK Plumbers Allready Working In Iraq/Afghanistan - 12 Replies

Could any Plumbers from the UK that are currently working out in Iraq/Afghanistan could you share with us what qualifications you had to get you...

Tony in Orange Park, Florida

Overseas Deployment Packing List

I'm sure it's been discussed before, but apparently I need to get my eyes checked. For those of you that have already deployed or getting ready to...

Calmez in Middleburg, Florida

Updated 53 months ago

KBR Open Houses - 4 Replies

Does anyone know if KBR still does open houses on Friday. I have a friend who just started with them and gave me the recruiter info, but havent...

gary in Austin, Texas

Updated 54 months ago

How to get a job at KBR - 50 Replies

I hope this email will find you in good health. . My name is Daniel. Im coming from Kumanovo,Macedonia I believes in American humanity and good hart...

Monique Martin in Monroe, Louisiana

Updated 54 months ago

Working in Iraq - 18 Replies

Can anyone tell me a few things I am heading to iraq for kbr next month and have a pregnant wife at home. It says in the paperwork that you can not...

Lewis in Boulder, Colorado

AFCAP Aircraft Maintenance Mechanics?

I was wondering if anyone has worked on aircrafts for KBR in Qatar or Oman? I have applied for positions and would just like any feedback you may...

lachienicolson@*****.*** in United Kingdom

Updated 61 months ago

Carpenter Jobs in Afghanistan/Iraq (I am from UK) - 5 Replies

Like many of you I have recently applied for a job with KBR, as has my son. We are both carpenters/joiners. I have over 25 years experience as and...

Ondagom in Savannah, Georgia

Updated 64 months ago

IT or MWR Job for KBR, DynCorp or Fluor - 2 Replies

Hi All, I am new to the boards and also a recently unemployed Information Technology Specialist. I am attempting to get to either Kuwait...

seymour myers in Sumter, South Carolina

Updated 68 months ago


I applied for KBR last year and I even talked to a recruiter thanks to a family friend. But she was not in expert in my area. I was just asked what...

strwbrywn20 in Medford, Oregon

Camp Prosperity zip code anyone?

My DH gave me his Camps zip code, well he gave me two that he was given, I am pretty sure I need to use 09348 for Camp Prosperity..Can anyone confirm...

Mary in Arden, North Carolina


Hi everyone,just wondering the pay for laundry attendant in iraq?? any info would be very helpful thank you.

Fahredin Ismajli in Serbia

Updated 75 months ago

KBR -Is KBR taking over DYN-CORP in Afganistan in 2011??? - 4 Replies

Is this rumour or is KBR really coming back in Afganistan and taking over DYN-CORP in 2011? If somebody know something, please post the INFO here?

Howard in Temple, Texas

How to go about getting a job overseas

Hello all, I'm new to the forum and would greatly appreciate a few suggestions on how to go about securing a job through one of the many companies...

ldivens in Orlando, Florida

Updated 75 months ago

List of Items that are helpful to bring - 10 Replies

Wanted to make a helpful topic for people that are on there way to Huston. What items that are essential to bring. Make a list for Males and...

pilotmech in Brunswick, Maine

crc training records

Has anyone got a contact email or number for kbr. I need to get a copy of my crc training records....thanks...

Eric Mccarthy in Dublin, Ireland

Updated 75 months ago

Quality Technician - Electrical - 1 Reply

Hi Does anyone know of someone who got hired as an Electrical Quality Technician with KBR? they have had loads of these openings for ages now,...

Nil Gurung

Updated 76 months ago

Trying to get Hired.... Electrician - 1 Reply

Hi, can someone please help. I have been in contact with KBR for months. They told me my Irish electrical qualifications would no longer suffice....

Richard Nere in Medford, Massachusetts

How do I get contacted by KBR

To be clear, I am a hardworking individual armed with a degree from Tulane University and knowledge of Afghanistan from a combat tour with an Army...

warrenahmed in Spanaway, Washington

Updated 77 months ago

Is KBR going to start pulling out in Aug. - 10 Replies

My husband is in Iraq working and I'm just wondering if KBR is going pull most of their American men/women out of Iraq by Aug.? Or could it be longer...

nedra1scott in Columbus, Georgia

Updated 77 months ago

Anyone Going To Houston April 18th 2011 For Processing? - 5 Replies

Just wondering who has been scheduled this date

greenergrass in Chester, United Kingdom

Updated 77 months ago

why does the military get tax free but civilians dont? - 1 Reply

ok i was in the airforce for 4 years and when we deployed our income was always tax free. whether we were in iraq for 4 months or 12 months. the...

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