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Rayne in Houston, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

how long does it take on average to get contacted from a KBR recruit? - 3 Replies

If i do qualify how long does it take on average to get a call back? Also, does it help your chance to put your application for more than one job...

Rayne in Houston, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

questions about some jobs?? - 2 Replies

hi i recently applied for a warehouse position. i havent heard anything back yet. my work background is manufacturing. i am currently working on a...

maxieshirley@*****.*** in Shreveport, Louisiana

Updated 94 months ago

Bad News From KBR - 7 Replies

We got this last night and my husban is so upset and was realy hopeing he could do this for our family......:( As you know the economy is in a...

Acara in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Updated 94 months ago

Advice on what to bring/ TIPS - 6 Replies

Have been offered a job, but don’t know where just yet. Any advice on stuff to bring? I have the recruiter list but what about some advice from...

Mixer Mike 2 in Tallil, Iraq

Updated 95 months ago

did kbr lose the contract?? - 1 Reply

i am leaving aug 2nd and wanted to know if this was true is there a years worth of work for electricians over there or is another company going to...


Updated 95 months ago

Conditional Offer-salary suddenly changed - 11 Replies

My husband is in the process of completing his recruitment paperwork so he can report to Houston March 1st. Has anyone been offered a job, gone...

anoceanmaid in Leeds, United Kingdom

Updated 96 months ago

Camp Ramadi - 2 Replies

Can anyone tell me anything about B4 Camp Ramadi? Are they still using tents?

Gabriele in Troy, Montana

Updated 96 months ago

stopping emails - 2 Replies

Help!!! I am being taken over by constant forum emails, I do not know how to turn this off!!!

skenk in Newcastle, United Kingdom

Updated 97 months ago

Asthmatic going to Iraq - 5 Replies

Hi Ive just been recruited for Iraq but I'm an Asthmatic will this cause me problems at the medical.My condition is totally controlled and I use a...

Kadir Biljal in Skopje, Macedonia

Updated 97 months ago

The Hiring Process - 1 Reply

Hi all, I have complete all my paper work (recruitment pack, dentist form, police disclosure etc) and emailed copys to my recruiter. Im jus...

Gabriele in Troy, Montana

Updated 97 months ago

Question About KBR Locations for Those Who've Been Employed with KBR Before - 3 Replies

Hi gang, Its been about 8 months since I last posted a message on the board but I have a question for those of you who have worked with KBR in the...

Alhaji M Fofana in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Updated 97 months ago

Would being a Food Server be a good KBR Job? - 1 Reply

I am inquiring about the Food Server job and want to know if anyone on here knows about the pay and more detailed information regarding actual job...

ocaladave in ocala, Florida

Updated 98 months ago

any one going for processing on the 1st june - 12 Replies

just wondering if the was any one going to houston for processing start date 1st june ?

Kurly72 in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 98 months ago

salary question - 2 Replies

My husband is currently waiting for a package to be put together. He will be working as a millwright superintendant in Saudi Arabi. We know that it...

switch in Austin, Texas

Updated 98 months ago

kbr electrician - 1 Reply

i am interested in getting job in iraq as an electrician, i am diabetic would this be a problem??? please help.

Bushmaster in South Carolina

Updated 98 months ago

info on what to expect in Dubai? - 21 Replies

My husband just got sent out (after 22 days in Houston!) and was flying to Dubai yesterday. He should have arrived some time this morning around 10...

Chantilly in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 99 months ago

Anyone leaving for Houston on MARCH 22 - 17 Replies

Thought i would see if anyone else on the forums will be leaving at the same time?

missing him in Milford, Kansas

Updated 99 months ago

When does KBR pay - 7 Replies

My fiance has just left for Afghanistan and we are still unsure about when he would get his first paycheck. If anyone has gone through this before...

Ms Sparky in Portland, Oregon

Updated 99 months ago

american newspapers - 4 Replies

i was wondering if anyone could tell me which american newspapers are anti kbr as i have a story to tell them.

sparkie in Georgetown, Texas

Updated 99 months ago

KBR - 8 Replies

as a food service worker my husband base pay 2000 a month plus 5% for. service pay plus 35% area pay and 35%danger pay a total of 3,828 a month....

Forgotten Convoy in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Transportation/Convoy Jobs

I just recently retired from the military and was really interested in joining the KBR team. Have convoy experience in Iraq and abroad. Also worked...

kevsatim in United Kingdom


hey ppl just thought id start a thread for anyone goin to houston on the 6th april! me and my mate paul are 2 electricians scheduled to land in...

Boue in Shreveport, Louisiana

Updated 100 months ago

how to get Rehire with KBR??? - 4 Replies

hi all, i am john. an Ex kbr employee. i quit kbr 3 months ago as i got sick in afganisthan. now i am medically fit enough to go back and work with...

sharonbgif in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Husband on day three in Houston

There is a small group there this week. They will give results of medical today. My husband is not a truck driver but, he believes there are only 5...

rnbotrt in Kalispell, Montana

Going to Houston March 15th/16th

Thought I would start a thread for those of us headed down next weekend. I think I've got all my stuff ready, haven't started packing yet. I'll do...

markj65 in samson, Alabama

carpenter wants a job with KBR

I am a Carpenter interested in working overseas with KBR.I have applied/submitted my resume for a job on the company's web site and would like to...

markj65 in samson, Alabama

Updated 101 months ago

Carpenter trying to get work with kbr - 2 Replies

Can anyone give me any information concerning the pay scale for carpenters in Iraq and Afghan. I have a brother there now but he is not in the...

delgado2love in St.Petersburg, Florida

Updated 101 months ago

Going to Houston March 8th/9th - 41 Replies

Hello everyone. My name is Mike Q. A recruiter called me the other day about 3 weeks after I filled out the KBR application online. I applied for the...

Michael- G in Farmington, New Mexico

Updated 101 months ago

Rest in Relaxation - 12 Replies

My husband is in Afgan and has been since august ..He wants R&R in Feb which if its the 4 month rule he is due R&R in Dec. My question is are they...

Michael- G in Farmington, New Mexico

Updated 101 months ago

Any help - please? - 5 Replies

My hubby received a assessment to complete for a job he applied for at KBR. Can anyone please tell me what that mean, and if he's been considered...

Kadir Biljal in Skopje, Macedonia

Updated 101 months ago

Question about HOUSTON? - 1 Reply

Does the training/classes last all day? When its over can you go out into town? How long are you supposed to be in Dubai? And what are we supposed...

Kadir Biljal in Skopje, Macedonia

Updated 101 months ago


My husband is being moved to Jalalabad and I would like to know the difference between kabul (where he was)and Jalalabad? Also why is he being moved?

erick wilson in Houston, Texas


Hey can someone helo me with a MWR job please

cooley47 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Travelling is having fun.

Hi I think every person should have travelling in varoius lovely places.

Melinda Pearson in Woodstock, Georgia

Updated 101 months ago

Are there supprt Groups - 4 Replies

Hello my husband left in Oct. and is at Khandahar AFB in Afganistan. How do some of the wives deal with lonliness and are there any support groups...

Melinda Pearson in Woodstock, Georgia

Updated 101 months ago

KBR Family Life - 4 Replies

My husband is looking into joining the KBR team. I was wondering how the family life is? I know they move family to certain locations. I told him...

Koko Wilson in AS, Florida

Updated 101 months ago

Electrician Going to Texas (Houston) on the 9th feb - Any Information regarding on Iraq would be Much Appreciated - 70 Replies

Hello all 7just thought id leave a few concerns and hopefully people will put my mind at rest: Im 21 years old from England :) Im unemployed, So I...

cooley47 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 101 months ago

FELONY question - 1 Reply

I recieved a felony in dec 1996 and finished my probation in dec 2001... Its been 7 years and 2 months SINCE MY PROBATION WAS COMPLETED, so am i...

LYTE_281 in PORTER, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

How long does it take for a recruiter to contact you? - 5 Replies

I am still currently in the Army. I go on transition leave on the 28 of this month. I have already applied to three different jobs with KBR. From...

Prospect 77 in Houston, Texas

Getting Into The Door

I am individual who have just applied for a security officer and technician position two weeks ago. I was told to contact a recruiter everyday day...

John in CNY in Canastota, New York

Updated 101 months ago

Who is going to houston on Feb 23rd for processing? - 8 Replies

Just wanting to get some more info on what to bring & what not to bring.And just to see who else was going on that date.

rnbotrt in Kalispell, Montana

Updated 101 months ago

Background check? - 4 Replies

Hello, My husband is supposed to be leaving for Houston on March 15. We received his welcome packet via email on Friday. Forgive me if I am just...

sean master plumber in somerset, New Jersey

Updated 101 months ago

A few questions about Plumber position for KBR - 1 Reply

Goodday to all this is my first time writing to everybody. I have been reading the forum for about a week and it's nice to see all the support you...

mellypryor in Fort Worth, Texas


Hello. I am wondering if anybody knows how I can get in touch with HR in Houston. They messed up on the insuracne and I need to get it fixed but in...

Alabamagal in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Updated 101 months ago

Assignments in Iraq - 2 Replies

My husband called this morning from Baghdad. He arrived a week ago from Houston and is an electrician. He has had classes that finish up tomorrow,...

sweed73 in Manchester, United Kingdom

electrical inspector

HI this is a bit off topic but i am a uk approved electrician looking for work in iraq, nearly all the positions for kbr seem to be gone ? Does...

sgarner9 in altoona, Pennsylvania

Updated 102 months ago

What are the T sites - 2 Replies

I saw a post on here listing what the B sites are, can anyone shed some light on what the T sites are? Im scheduled for T1 if anyone can tell me...

b sweat in Bloomington, Indiana

Updated 102 months ago

Is anyone out there in a position to req. a well qualified carpenter? - 1 Reply

I have worked for KBR before.I spent JAN'06-FEB'08 in Iraq.I have OSHA certs. and 20 years experience in a variety of trades.It is very hard to get...

Justin Sellers in Temple, Texas

Logistics/warehouse and parts supply clerks positions

I know I am going out on a limb here, but is there anyone who can help me get my info to a recruiter?

Xetchx in Austin, Texas

Updated 102 months ago

Processing in Houston. - 1 Reply

I am scheduled to go to Houston on the 1st. I have a question about taking medication and the physical. If you are taking PB medicine, what is the...

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