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NewVet in Seattle, Washington

Secrity Job

I am looking for work with KBR as Security job. I am a former 11b with combat experience. I started my own company and have made a lot of money...

niki_ku in kumanovo, Macedonia

Updated 104 months ago

question - 4 Replies

i need a answers

D.Medis in Skopje, Macedonia

How long it takes to send you the ticket for Houston ?

hi there. Im from macedonia im new hired employe of KBR as a Food service worker. I have completed all the preparation that kbr requires...

Barret in San Antonio, Texas

Overseas Contracts

I have a unique skill set that I assume there is a large need for overseas, mainly in rebuilding efforts such as in Iraq. Searching the KBR site...

bob2natc@*****.*** in Whitehorse, Yukon

US work visa/ safety equipment

Where I am located right now I cannot obtain a US visa without flying out to a larger centre where a US consulate is nearby. Will Houston assist in...

D Bowers in Erie, Pennsylvania



Brandon Godfrey in Springfield, Georgia

Updated 104 months ago


Hi all, just wondering if anybody is travelling to houston this upcoming sunday? Cheers

sp52075 in Stockton, California

Carpenter and carpenter foreman?

I was just wondering what type of work the carpenters are doing is it building houses or more like commercial warehouse building and what is the...

oceanandshores in Satellite Provider

Updated 104 months ago

leads for working overseeas - 2 Replies

I have done all i know to do to go back overseas,if any of the recrruiters can contact me my email is ce_moore@yahoo.com

gaz1 in birmingham, United Kingdom

Updated 104 months ago

Child Support - 16 Replies

Can anyone tell me if child support issues can stop you from getting hired with KBR?

ablaine in loganville, Georgia

Leaving for Houston on Jan 11, 2009

hello... i was wondering if anyone that's going to houston jan. 11 will be going for fueler. i'm going as an fueler and i was just wondering was...

gaz1 in birmingham, United Kingdom

how do i get a job as truck driver with kbr out in iraq applied online for 5 jobs still not heard nothing what do you have to do

does anyone have any help in getting out to iraq , are they hiring ?what is wages ? applied to kbr still no joy

carolinaboy in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 105 months ago

Houston December 14 - 6 Replies

Hello. My husband is due to head to Texas on December 14th. Is anyone else leaving then?

anoceanmaid in Los Angeles, California

Updated 105 months ago

Dress Code - 4 Replies

I'm scheduled for processing in Houston on Jan 5th, and my recruiter has been sick so I haven't been able to get a hold of him. What is the...

tashasvirgil in fayetteville

Updated 105 months ago

Anybody headed to processing in January and Do you know anything about H Sites? - 1 Reply

Have a friend leaving on January 11 for Houston to process and then will be headed to H Campsite, I'm hoping to go soon after. Anyone know how that...

Jay Greene in Hamilton, Bermuda

Looking for a job in Iraq

Hi all, I'm a plumber, working in Bermuda - no form of certification here, but I am considered to be a master plumber - what are my chances for a...

Ralph Bailey in College Station, Texas


My husband is scheduled to fly out to Houston tomorrow. What all does inprocessing consist of? Shouldn't the background check be completed by now?

John Ashley in Mtn. Grove, Missouri

Truck Driver pay

Hi, I got an offer to drive a truck in Iraq, I've decided to take it. How long will I be in Houston? How long before I get paid and is the $100,000...

John Ashley in Mtn. Grove, Missouri

Truck Driver pay

Hi, I got an offer to drive a truck in Iraq, I've decided to take it. How long will I be in Houston? How long before I get paid and is the $100,000...

futuretimes in Fort Myers, Florida

Bases in Iraq

Does anyone have any info on the base near the Euphrates River, T1? I think it is in Hadithah, Iraq but cannot seem to find much info on it. Any...

switch in Austin, Texas

Updated 106 months ago

Who is scheduled to process in Houston on December 1st - 2 Replies

Thanks switch, I don't know why I didnt catch that...lol. Anyway, who is headed to Houston on the 1st of December?

kokan ciric in Kumanovo, Macedonia

Excuse me

Can you tell me why Debra Malone haven't sent me yet visa offer letter, all my documents are ready. Please can you help me? If you want you can...

JourneeJones-KBR in Houston, Texas

Updated 106 months ago

Family Life? - 1 Reply

My husband is looking into joining the KBR team. I was wondering how the family life is? I know they move family to certain locations. I told him...

RandyRP in Houston, Texas

Accounting Jobs

Hello I have been browsing this site as I am interested in a job with KBR in Iraq. I am hoping some folks may have information to share regarding...

jhouston in Katy, Texas

Updated 106 months ago

College football coach 2 classes shy of MBA looking to work in Iraq - 2 Replies

I'm currently a college football coach looking to work for KBR in Iraq. I have a BS and I'm two classes shy of earning an MBA. Does anyone have an...

operator649 in Galesburg, Illinois

Updated 106 months ago

heavy equipment operator - 1 Reply

How much can a jounneyman operator make with Kbr in Iraq?

switch in Austin, Texas

Updated 106 months ago

Who is scheduled to process in Houston on November 1st - 1 Reply

I wanted to start a new thread for all those scheduled to go to Houston on November 1st

Cool Jay in NC in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Updated 106 months ago

conference calls - 1 Reply

any info on conference calls? when are they, mandatory, is it before you go to houston or is it done at beginning of the hiring process

niece706 in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 106 months ago

Background Check - 3 Replies

Hi all, I'm still waiting on my background check to come back. My date was set for 11/10 fly out 11/09 but my recruiter says there still waiting on...

switch in Austin, Texas

Updated 106 months ago

direct deposit - 2 Replies

does anyone have any info on direct deposit can it be deposited directly to your wifes account and the other half in your own account

Mazmurda in Tikrit, Iraq

Updated 106 months ago

FOB Brassfield-Mora - 3 Replies

We just found out that when my husband goes to Iraq he will be at FOB Brassfield-Mora. Does anyone have any information on this location they can...

Angel79 in Vancouver, Washington

Updated 106 months ago

Getting hired as a woman - 5 Replies

Hello Im a woman who is trying to get a better paying job I was wondering is this a good idea to go to Iraq. I really like the pay here and I have...

adam kirk in belfast, United Kingdom

need some help

i live in belfast northern ireland and have been told a rep from houstoun would contact me and arrange for me to come to houstoun. i was wondering...

switch in Austin, Texas

Updated 106 months ago

drug testing - 4 Replies

how is the drug test administered

Debbie Creery in Gatesville, Texas

Looking for any contractor that has been told they have Q-fever?

I am seeking to find any people that have been in Iraq and have been diagnosed with Q-Fever while in country. My husband has been confirmed with...

Crystal01 in Maine

Updated 107 months ago


Hello Everyone, my husband is scheduled to start processing in Houston on November 17th and was told he would be going to 'Base C2A'. Does anyone...

millied in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Updated 107 months ago

Tax - 33 Replies

If my husband is working with kbr and changes to another company in Afghanistan early in his year will he lose his tax break?

Latrice in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Jobs for veterans

Hello everyone I would like to know what is the wait time for a recruiter to contact you regarding your application.. Its been two weeks now an i...

hol424 in Old Bridge, New Jersey

Info on. Camp Spencer?

My fiance found out he will be deploying in November for Camp Spencer, Iraq for a plumbing position. If anyone knows any information on this camp or...

millied in Raleigh, North Carolina


what are some of the, well, if you can put it this way better, compounds in in Afghanastan.

T-Zilla in Charlotte, North Carolina

IT Jobs with KBR

Looking to have conversation on the oppurtunities in Information Technology with KBR. Can any of you that have worked for and/or are currently...

T-Zilla in Charlotte, North Carolina

IT Job with KBR

Looking to have conversation on the oppurtunities in Information Technology with KBR. Can any of you that have worked for and/or are currently...

Apr in Acworth, Georgia

Updated 108 months ago

how do i get started !! - 4 Replies

i have 20 yrs in the air force ... my experiance is in recreation and food service ...i was a food service mgr. my education is associates...

AMY in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 108 months ago

assessment - 1 Reply

i was sent an assessment but there were no questions on it. has this happened to anyone else? or what could it mean?

Reesie in Bethesda, Maryland

Updated 109 months ago

The uplifts and base pay - 2 Replies

Can some some help

Ms Sparky in Portland, Oregon

Updated 109 months ago

What's the company culture at KBR? - 4 Replies

Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at KBR? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

Ms Sparky in Portland, Oregon

Updated 109 months ago

KBR News and Happenings. - 2 Replies

What do you think - will KBR grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does KBR stack up against the competition?

Oluwakemi in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Does Age Matter with KBR When Recruiting?

Mark, I know this is way off topic but I have a question regarding something you said in one of your posts I read on this site. "....And...

Ms Sparky in Portland, Oregon

Updated 109 months ago

kbr - 1 Reply

i applied for an electrician position w/ kbr. would like info on what to expect if i go to iraq. what kind of wage would i make? what to take along?...

Ms Sparky in Portland, Oregon

Updated 109 months ago

I dont know what to think after the rep at kbr keeps telling me different things. - 1 Reply

I have been applying to Kbr for the past couple of months, I finally got in touch with a recruiter that seem to be trying to help me. He told me...

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