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eraymonda@*****.*** in Buxton, North Carolina

Updated 76 months ago

civpol jobs - 1 Reply

Don't see a lot of post in reference to the civilian police job. Any info anyone can provide will be helpful. I do have some specific questions: Bad...

scoochi08 in Houston, Texas

Updated 76 months ago

Going to Houston for Processing in June - 3 Replies

I will be processing in Houston in June. Anyone else going to Houston for processing in June? Thanks

James Birchfield in Houston, Texas

Updated 76 months ago

jobs - 7 Replies

I was trying to get some info on jobs,I'm in the process of going to welding school.I just wondering if you could send me some info on your company...

Jimbo in Kuwait

Deploying to Iraq

Do you deploy from the processing centre to Iraq or do you go home and deploy at a later date? Thanks

Paul KBR Iraq in Mississippi

Eligible to switch jobs

I started with KBR as a mechanic and now I’m eligible to switch jobs, what is a good paying job to switch to?

Mississippi Po Boy in BRANDON, Mississippi

Updated 77 months ago

Carpenter Processing With KBR - 2 Replies

Hey Guys, Had a phone call yesterday with a recruiter at KBR for a position in Iraq. He sent me an email with a Candidate Proceesing Form and...

redchild in Houston, Texas

Middle East Employment

Hello, Does anyone have a contact person for a Middle East recruiter. I am in the admin/Hr and clerical field. It doesn't matter what company. I am...

scott macaulay in scotland in Douglas, United Kingdom

Updated 77 months ago

Help Getting Job - 3 Replies

Hi Everyone, I am a qualified Electrician from Ireland and i have been trying to get a job with KBR for over twelve months. I have applied to every...

Dean182 in London, United Kingdom

KRB Electrician, Iraq

Hi guys, Been offered a position as a spark out in Iraq. My only worry is ive heard there trying to flood Iraq with sparks to try and complete it...

Marshmallow in Fort Collins, Colorado


We just heard from Industrial Security - they are now processing clearances from October-November to finalize the adjudication process. We were in...

sims12393@*****.*** in Sanford, Florida

Updated 78 months ago


I do not know what I am doing wrong. I have applied many times and patiently waited for a year. Does anyone have a recruiter contact that I can use...

KimmieJean in Spring, Texas

Updated 79 months ago

Houston processing - 1 Reply

I leave tmrw for Houston any advice?

moose104 in Franklin, Tennessee

Few questions about LOGCAP requirments...

minimum age? is it true SEII does'nt allow R&R? is taking medicine for add/adhd (vyvanse, adderal, concerta, ect.) a disqualifyer? what about...

Dlst10 in New York

Updated 81 months ago

Asthma and Physical In Houston - 2 Replies

I am set to arrive in Houston in late January for processing. I have asthma, and I know that it is a disqualification factor. My asthma is not even a...

USMI in Houston, Texas

Updated 81 months ago

Wanting to go back. - 3 Replies

Hello my name is Rob Tilliman and I am trying to get back on with LOGCAP IV. I was there from 2009 to 2010 as a mechanic for KBR at D8; I spent a...

JennyJ in Southport, North Carolina

A little help..

My hubby is looking to get back on overseas he has been there numerous times. Hes having a hard time getting back with someone. Im thinking its...

Dlst10 in New York

Updated 82 months ago

Getting a Foot in the Door... - 6 Replies

Hello. I've been trying for about a year to get on with KBR. Like a lot of you, I've spent countless hours applying to jobs on the website,...

promiser2 in Sanbornville, New Hampshire

Updated 84 months ago

contractor jobs ending? - 2 Replies

My husband works for KBR Iraq. I'm worried he won't have a job soon. He says he's good until Dec 2011. Then where do we go?

preston johnson in Dallas, Georgia

Networking Video-Teleconference

I'd like to invite anyone active on this forum to join me in a FREE video teleconference to discuss the current job market, networking, resume tips,...

Brandon Godfrey in Springfield, Georgia

how can i get back with KBR again is it possible??

im trying to get back overseas with KBR i was in a RIF in 09 and i was based in al asad iraq as a mechanic can someone help me out some? or tell me...

John Pruitt in Mansfield, Illinois


Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone may have some advice as to how to get hired overseas as an electrician?..I have 10 yrs exp as a...

laney in Spring, Texas

Updated 84 months ago

salary - 1 Reply

my bf was working in kbr, im wondering when he will get his pay evry end of the month or every 2 weeks so i could modify our payment bills..... and ...

Chiquita Jackson in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 85 months ago

SF85P being processed prior going to Houston?Anyone? - 2 Replies

I got a job offer for mail service LOGCAP IV and my recruiter told me that I have to get cleared first prior going to Houston and that it might take...

Ryanek9freak in Boca Raton, Florida

Updated 86 months ago

What is a "B" site? - 5 Replies

Can anyone tell me what a "b" site is? I did a google search and can't seem to pull up anything that makes sense to me. Thanks

Larry in Galion, Ohio

Question concerning passport

I submitted my resume to KBR last week. I got the call this week. The problem is that my passport isn't here yet. I applied for it the day I sent...

patrick jiggetts in Apo

Updated 86 months ago

Leaving in 9 days-still no WABI test - 24 Replies

Im leaving for Houston in 9 days and I still havent taken a WABI test or gotten my dental release. The dental release is something I have to do prior...

southpaw in Lincoln Park, Michigan

houston processing drug test

can any of you fellows or ladies tell me how the drug test is adminnistered. is it urine or blood, and if urine, do they stand in room with you.

realtor4971 in Brandenburg, Kentucky

Medical - Blood Pressure

My husband is in Houston right now. His blood pressure was high today when checked. However, when he went for his agility test his blood pressure...

Jacobus in Pretoria, South Africa

Updated 87 months ago

Plumber position with KBR - 2 Replies

Goodday to all this is my first time writing to everybody. I have been reading the forum for about a week and it's nice to see all the support you...

Medic422 in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Medic for civilian contractor in the Middle East?

Good Evening. I am a Paramedic with 5 years of experience. I am ACLS, PHTLS, PEPP, and GEMS certified and also have TEMS training.I would love to go...

nwper in Plano, Texas

Updated 87 months ago


For some reason several discussion have had techinical issues. You can use this one if you choose to until the others are fixed.

naibuka tinaseri in Suva, Fiji

Updated 87 months ago

Houston Feb 7th - 11 Replies

anyone else headed to houston feb 7th.

rmasy527@*****.*** in Savannah, Georgia

Updated 87 months ago

truck driver for KBR? - 1 Reply

i just submitted my resume for heavy truck driver on KBR's website. does anyone have any insight for me on this? my chances, salary, etc....? thanks

cashchampion in Pasco, Washington

kbr salaries

what is entrylevel salarie for equipment operator in iraq? and what is a diqualifier for background?? dwi?

jabodinho in foxworth, Mississippi

carpentry job

I have a friend working for KBR in Iraq and I'm interested in getting hired on. I've filled out my resume for KBR and i'm just looking for some...

KayBeeStew in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 88 months ago

Seeking ADMINISTRATIVE or MANAGEMENT recruiter! - 2 Replies

Hello! I am *very* interested in employment with KBR overseas. I have several career paths in mind and would like to speak to a recruiter...

Koko Wilson in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Updated 89 months ago

KBR requiring SF85 now? Will my bad credit screw me - 8 Replies

I have been offered a position with KBR as a heavy wheel mechanic. I have my passport, and have been sent all the neccessary forms, including the...

Gone Fishing in Forsyth, Georgia

Updated 89 months ago

A lil help please - 1 Reply

I was wondering if mailing my resume in to one of the big 3 would help get my resume looked at?? If anyone has a physical mailing address to mail it...

marvin keeton in Lynchburg, Virginia

Updated 89 months ago

kbr job - 6 Replies

I recently was offered a job as a recovery specialist. any info would be great. Salary? contract duration? work conditions? living conditions? Thanks

hubbyoverseas in Otsego, Michigan

Updated 89 months ago

Health history - 3 Replies

how far back into your medical history do they go? My husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea 3.5 years ago and prescribed a cpap. He's never used it....

Capuano Management Inc in Friendswood, Texas

Updated 90 months ago

KBR and Taxes - 1 Reply

My husband is currently filing his taxes and as of this moment it stating we owe. He have not sent anything off yet, but I was just wondering if...

Chris Twopher in Fremont, California

Updated 90 months ago

Current Hire Process - 3 Replies

Good day everyone. I'm new to the forum and I'm also beginning to apply to positions I qualify for in hopes of employment with KBR. No calls yet. I...

Gone Fishing in Forsyth, Georgia

Updated 90 months ago

Security Clearances - 7 Replies

I'm currently a candidate...been through training in Houston already. Was had to go home to take care of business. Contract was rescinded. Now...

Sanai in Orange, California

US Green Card Holders in theater

Hello, I am a us green card holder (US permanent resident) from the country of El Salvador. I am under ex-pat status here in Afghanistan and am...

gilltl in dallas, Texas

Updated 90 months ago

Credit requirements - 7 Replies

okay I keep hearing conflicting informtion in regards to the credit qualifications. I was laid off earlier this year and fell behind and now I'm...

Daneris Cruz in Milford, New Hampshire

Updated 90 months ago

Scheduler jobs - 2 Replies

I know my chances of finding a job in the states that can pay the bills and my school loans is almost zero. Due to the job market and the fact that I...

safi_usace@*****.*** in Apo

Jobs in KBR as construction supervisor

I want to get a job in KBR specially in BAF Afghanistan in construction sector as i already working here in BAF for the project Expand BAF Road with...

Daneris Cruz in Milford, New Hampshire

Updated 91 months ago

How do I get my resume into the right hands for Afghanistan or someplace overseas? - 2 Replies

Hello all! I've been on KBR's LOGCAP for over a year now, everything's uploaded and I've applied for lots of jobs, but no one has contacted me! I've...

Joyce_ew99 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 91 months ago

Logistic Coordinator- Looking for information on getting back to work in Iraq - 8 Replies

I have worked in Iraq for 3 years for KBR. I started out as a Generator Mechanic, worked as Adm Assisstant, dispatcher, Sr. Dispatcher, Logistics...

Chris Stillman in Houston, Texas

Updated 91 months ago


Hi, My name is Chris Stillman. I have noticed that journee jones on here is very knowledgeable and I had a question. I am currently takling with a...

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