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Irish Sparks in Dublin, Ireland

84 months ago

Hi Everyone,
I am a qualified Electrician from Ireland and i have been trying to get a job with KBR for over twelve months. I have applied to every job they post for an electrician and have not received one call back. I have been qualified for over 10 years and have experience in all aspects of industrial and commercial installation and maintenance. I have worked as a foreman for the last four years. If anybody on here could give me some help or advice on how to get to the next stage i would really appreciate it. Does anybody have an e-mail address or phone no for a recruiter involved in hiring Electricians?.
Thanks in advance for any help.

mixermike2 in Tallil, Iraq

84 months ago

Hey man, sorry to burst your bubble, but I asked my recruiter for a friend. She said they can only get CAC cards for American citizens and permanent aliens right unless you have 6 eyes or 4 arms...or a smaller mouth inside your mouth...there are lots of other contractors though, and electricians seem to be in demand...good luck...

irishsparks in Dublin, Ireland

84 months ago

Hi mike thanks for the reply, i think KBR are actually recruiting from Ireland and UK at the moment through there UK ofice. Could you pass on the names of any contractors that you know of which are hiring Electricians at the moment. Thanks in advance. My e-mail is

scott macaulay in scotland in Douglas, United Kingdom

83 months ago

can any one help me find work in afganistan as a carpenter/joiner

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